fashion industry Such “simulation fabric” and biological “simulation study

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” different fabrics such simulation will be the use of much more economical methods of raw materials to produce much more environmentally friendly way of excellent merchandise. If replacing the natural cowhide leather, moisture absorption and quick-speed dry replaced the fiber, the release paper to replace refined PU polyester pongee fabric at the table, and the wonderful wisdom of Polyester crepe perfect interpretation with the “dyed” the new idea of Needless to say,vintage cocktail dresses the use of microcapsules has brought us much more choice of on the net clothing storesA-line Wedding Dresses


Recently, Shengze table at the common marketplace, and greater processing expenses allows the several organizations quit and wait and see, then, the advent of a relea September 16 morning, “Strengthening the power sector, the brand co plastic Future – 2011 ‘China International Culture Week in underwear news conference” in low-priced clothesse paper PU Pongee low excellent to meet consumer demands. 370T Polyester Pongee fabric choice this section as the base fabric, following the transfer release paper following printing, many different birds, of fish within the gorgeous fabrics displayed one by one.

Release paper calendar itself has the impact with the oil surface, PU coated with a layer of “icing on the cake,” to ensure that the original beauty of blooming glory
clothes onlinewith much more colorful, shiny and moving.

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cheap designer clothesBeijing News Plaza Hotel held. Ministry of Industry and Data Technologies Consumer Goods Industry Secretary, Zhang Li, the China Textile Industry Association vice president Wang Tiankai, Shi-Bin Yang China Knitting Industry Association, China National Commercial Data low-priced designer clothes
i Lennon and also other renowned brand underwear practically a hundred company executives, journalists, a total of over a hundred folks attended the conference.

2011 ‘China International Culture Week in underwear by the Ministry of Industry and Data Technologies Consumer Goods Industry,Allure wedding dresses China National Commercial Data Center, Guangdong Provincial Economic and Data Technologies Commission, the Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technologies Industry and Data Technologies Commission, the Hong Kong Intimate Apparel Industries Association support, China Knitting Industry Association, Guangdong Province Textile Association, the Shenzhen Guangming New Region, Baoan District, Shenzhen City People’s Government of guest host, Shenzhen Textile sector associations and exhibition organizations Shengshi Bo Wen underwear sector in China, jointly sponsored a significant festival, 2011 on May well 20 to 26 within the “fashion design” – Shenzhen. Culture Week as “the heart of Chinese clothing? Underwear Spirit” as the theme to strengthen their very own brand developing as a focal point to promote the culture and brand culture underwear, lingerie sector to promote the overall raise, leading underwear consumption, and cultivate the underwear marketplace, set up underwear sector broad, long-term cooperation and exchange platform.

China’s underwear sector has knowledgeable practically 30 years of development, China has turn into an important backbone with the fashion sector, within the international marketplace becoming much more and much more important position. Using the era of lingerie brand, this conference, like, Embry, Manni Fen, Ou Difen, Omni Lennon, and several other well-known organizations together to jointly sign the “Declaration of underwear brand in China”, the establishment of mutually advantageous and win-win cooperation mechanisms and systems to accelerate the pace of growth of Chinese underwear brand to help promote the healthy development of China’s underwear sector. Inside the current situation, the morale with the conference is not just to boost the sector a significant parade, in addition to underwear, “to seize opportunities, meet challenges,” the swearing.

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