What Hair Loss Myths To Believe And To Ignore

Posted on January 30, 2012 @ 2:52 am

Hair loss is a very interesting topic, and because of this, there are many myths about it today. Speculation leads us to believe that the commonality of this condition, and the many causes, is why this occurs. This should cause most people that are logical to use a healthy amount of skepticism when reading all of this innuendo associated with hair regrowth treatment available. We wrote this article to help you understand a little bit more about the myths and facts regarding hair loss products today.

The main symptom of female or male pattern baldness (according to popular belief) is hair falling out. If you are losing your hair, it does not mean that you will go completely bald at some point. People that lose their hair may not necessarily be experiencing pattern baldness. There is no reason to be concerned about losing a little hair as, most of the time, it grows hair again back on your head.

If your hair does not regrow, then, and only then, are you actually experiencing “hair loss” on your scalp. If you’re suddenly losing a lot of hair, that may indicate a medical problem that you should seek help for. But just the fact that you’re losing a certain amount of hair every day isn’t abnormal in itself. There is a common myth that scarves and hats will actually cause hair loss. This probably is not the case even if they are worn tightly. The reason this myth is so popular is that it seems to be common sense that if you prevent circulation to your head, your hair will begin to fall out from lack of oxygen. Unlike the way that we breathe, the hair follicles get their oxygen from our bloodstream, not the outside air. As you can see, you can wear whatever you want to on your head. Your hair follicles will not be in any way harmed by wearing a hat or a scarf.

Understanding hair loss, and what exactly causes it to happen, if something you should become more familiar with. Understanding hair loss is only related to a few of the myths that purport to explain hair loss and why some people experience it. A good example of how hair loss can affect the average person is that malnutrition plays a role in the appearance of this condition. If it is in your genes to have pattern baldness or hair loss, you will not be able to stop this from happening even if you eat all the right foods. Therefore, figuring out why you have hair loss is the first thing you need to do.

As we’ve seen in this article, hair loss is a tricky issue and there are many incorrect notions about it floating around. If the cause of hair loss is genetic, as it is in the majority of cases, there are only a few proven treatments. The treatments that you utilize may not work, especially if male pattern baldness is in your genetics. Finding a hair loss treatment program that can assist you with your hair loss problem is possible, but only if you search diligently for a remedy that will actually help.

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