My Little Write-up Regarding Water Purification Systems

Posted on November 16, 2011 @ 2:40 am

I only drink water that is distilled or water that has been through reverse osmosis. Most of my buddies and family don’t understand why I will not just read normal plain tap water. I can drink it, I am not allergic to it or anything, but I just don’t choose to drink it.

For reasons unknown they think they must change my thoughts about filtering my water.

Normally they just try to talk me out of it by stumping me in some manner. Someone think it is pointless that I drunk sanitized water since I didn’t have a shower filter and impurities were absorbed into my skin. Check out whole house water filters www blog, whole house water filters web post, whole house water filters web site.

That is true that you do absorb the water in your skin when you take a shower. However, that was not the purpose of them bringing that to my attention. What they wanted me to do is stop thinking about drinking sanitized water.

Ultimately, I think when individuals see that you have a water filter they start to panic a little bit. They think privately “why is he doing that”? Is there something wrong the water?

Normally individuals don’t react kindly to individuals who think different. They do not understand that some people may be healthier than others and they don’t need to worry about having fluoride and chlorine in the water supply I do (or maybe that others actually care about their health more than others).

It truly doesn’t help that there are so many conflicting reports on the net, on TV, and in print. Based on where you live and your city’s drinking water supply and purification having a water filtration system might just be a necessity.

Water that you get from the tap needs to be treated before you can drink. Plain tap water cleans out all of the impurities that may potentially kill you. You have to make it suitable for consumption by people by filtering it, adding chlorine, and ammonia. Fluoride helps you to get rid of all the various toxins in the water.
Do you really want to drink eight glasses of tap water per day? Most beverage companies use distilled or filtered water in their juices (orange juice, apple juice) because, they couldn’t get away with selling that crap to people. It tastes pretty terrible. I’ll think anybody would pay the drink orange juice that was half plain tap water. At least not in the Western world.

Many people buy water filters becaues they do not like the taste of plain tap water. I knew one woman who does bring home tap water from her mother’s house because she happened to live in a city where they put fluoride in the water and her plain tap water did not have fluoride. She thought that fluoride would help with healthy teeth.

The real reason they wanted to put fluoride in the water was because you do get rid of it and they can put in the ocean because it would kill all of the sea life but,it is relatively harmless to people. It’s actually waste from aluminum refineries that they need to get rid of.

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