Proven Relationship Marketing Methods So You Get Retweeted – And Often

Posted on November 15, 2011 @ 9:17 am

Retweets are how your posts on Twitter get read by more people or even go viral, so it’s worthwhile to learn how to get your followers to do this for you. If you want to get more retweets, keep the following tactics in mind when you post your tweets.

If you want to impress people right away, then consider showing more social grace than others when you express your gratitude after they follow you. Let your personality shine through so you seem more human to them. If you are in the same market, and you really should be – or related, then make mention of anything possibly familiar. There is no need to go all out, just receiving something like that will shock them. When you comment on their profile about something you read, then they will know for sure you are not a bot. This is a simple way to get them interested in you, which will automatically lead to a more personal relationship. You will be able to rake in more retweets from your followers by winning their trust first, and by showing them that you care. You can also do a bit of promotion in your signature; when you’re signing off your direct message, add a link to your blog or website. It is merely throwing it out there so they will have some familiarity with the name. The alternative is to contain no links to your site, and that will also be noticed, too. gps

There is really no big deal at all if people will not retweet your content. It is possible that the majority missed it when it first came out. Sometimes things can really start hopping and the retweets pass by with hardly a notice. There are times when you have to yell louder than the crowd is talking. This ensures that all your followers get to see your tweet and it is not missed.

On the other hand, you do not want to totally turn off people, so be careful not to do this overboard.

People really need to see sources of information so they can have more trust about what you say. People like to pass around links that have some value to offer; they want to discuss these links with their followers and see what feedback they get. This is one social site where people like creating conversations around what they share, so give them something they can talking about. Once people are comfortable with you, then things will begin to slowly change – but it does take time. Every tweet that you send out to your followers is valuable, and therefore should be treated that way. Imagine if it takes you a full year to really get established – in the end it will be worth it. They will be more than happy to retweet your tweets if you can live up to their expectations. iphone 4.

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