Medical Assisting Income Guide Based on Location

Posted on November 15, 2011 @ 7:41 pm

Based on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, one of many fastest growing medical related professions is medical assisting. Medical Assistant Jobs have recently increased for the past year as a result of increasing population of aging individuals likewise the people seeking medical assistance. According to a survey done by the Bureau of Statistics, there was clearly over fifty percent a million medical assistant posts filled in the year 2010 alone. Aside from that, the need for medical assistant is anticipated to develop by 34% by the year 2018. A medical assistant is assigned to complete several tasks which could range between administrative and scientific tasks. Medical assistants do the job under the direct supervision of physicians, health practitioners or office managers depending on the location of work.

If you are aspiring to work as a medical assistant, then you can choose from two options. You’ll be able to opt for completing a one year program to obtain a certification as a medical assistant or you could complete a vocational course of two years in order to give you a diploma in Associate Medical Assisting. In most cases, you are able to quickly work as a medical assistant even if you didn t have any formal training. However, there are other career options for those who possess training and education in medical assisting. The medical assisting course includes medical terminology, clinical procedures, medical billing, first aid, medical office procedures as well as math and science.

Factors Affecting the Medical Assistant Salary

The medical assistant salary information is the number resource in terms of comprehending the trend of the medical assistant salary. The main component that may affect the medical assistant pay is actually location. It really is considered that the Pacific States such as New Jersey, New York, Alaska and Hawaii have increased average of medical assistant incomes. Medical assistant working in these locations might make as much as $35,000 USD per year. The southern and east north central states have the lowest average medical assistant salaries of $6,000 USD less when compared to before-mentioned. Therefore, operating in areas with high living costs like cities would offer higher medical assistant salaries as compared to getting work done in rural areas or small towns.

Another component that may affect medical assistant salary may be the employer. Studies shows that medical assistants working in small or private clinics run by doctors pay a below average medical assistant salary of $30,000 USD per year. This is why why fresh graduates of the medical assisting program would wish to be employed in medical institutions like hospitals, clinics, outpatients along with other healthcare places.

The last thing that you need to complete is your medical assistant certification. Competitive employers like big hospitals give high medical assistant earnings to qualified and experienced medical assistants.

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