Shih Tzu Training – Make Your Pup A Pleasing And Precious Pet

Posted on November 10, 2011 @ 3:04 am

Shih Tzu training is essential if you and your puppy are to have a superb long-term bond. Your puppy will be a part of your household and therefore ought to fit in with your lifestyle. You have selected this specific critter to enter in your society and you owe your canine friend guidance about how they must behave. With just a couple of general shih tzu training steps your puppy can be a enjoyable and worthwhile pet.

There are three basic forms of dog training.


If your puppy is going to remain inside, you will need to house break your puppy. The old technique of crate training works well. You restrict your puppy in the tiny place and carefully supervise the puppy dog. Take the puppy outside frequently for elimination breaks. The puppy will never soil its spot as it is in close quarters. Along with this procedure there are now many products to help with house training. There are litter boxes for dogs, doggy diapers and potty pads. Additionally think about the Wizdog potty training mat. Thus there are numerous helps to help with potty training. However the point is it’s essential to get this done.

Obedience Training

Obedience training dogs isn’t absolutely necessary similar to house training, even so it is helpful and creates an even more pleasurable living together with your dog. Why not train your pet to follow commands instead of unlimited repetition of the exact same commands with little or no reaction from your dog? Basic commands including stay, sit, down and others that you pick can help you and your dog enjoy a much better bond. The keys for teaching all these fundamental orders are generally continuous, gentle discipline.


Dogs vary in their capacity to master tricks. However in case you have the basic obedience under control, you and your dog may delight in mastering some tricks. And keep in mind this is only for entertaining. A similar principles that will help you teach the basic obedience commands will allow you teach tricks likewise.
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If your shih tzu training simply achieves the house training section you can enjoy your canine. Incorporating obedience and trick training simply makes your bond together with your dog even better.

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