Helpful Suggestions For Your Optimus Prime Costume

Posted on October 31, 2011 @ 3:57 pm

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An Optimus Prime costume can be a great way to get the attention of a lot of people at any party or event. Optimus Prime is an impressive character, as you already know if you’re a fan of the Transformers movies or comic books. He’s an immensely powerful robot who can transform himself into a truck and who is dedicated to ridding the Universe of the evil character Megatron. This article is going to focus on helping you find or make a really great Optimus Prime costume, either for your children or for yourself.

If you would like to get more realistic looking Optimus Prime costumes, you need to think about the Optimus Prime 3D costume that has been officially licensed. This isn’t really a cheap costume–it usually sells for about three hundred dollars but it will help you look like a real life Transformer. This costume has all of the details and bells and whistles that made Optimus Prime such an important character. You also get a 3D chest piece that goes over the jumpsuit, as well as a helmet with eyes that light up. This isn’t your typical costume that gets worn once and then boxed up; it’s for extreme fans of the franchise who want to look just like Optimus Prime. On the other hand, there are other 3D costumes that don’t cost nearly as much but that still have a lot of impressive features.

Any person, regardless of gender or age, can wear an Optimus Prime costume. Even though the Transformers were originally action figures, comic books and movies geared toward children, lots of grown ups like the series too. For one thing, the franchise has been around long enough that most of the people who started enjoying the characters and story as young people have now become fully fledged adults with children of their own. It can also be lots of fun to dress up in a theme as a family. Therefore, you will find all sorts of grown up sized costumes for Optimus Prime as well as for kids. This is, after all, a character who is designed to be super big and super powerful so adults have all sorts of fun playing the part. A big Optimus Prime can be very impressive to look at, particularly if it is the 3D costume that has all sorts of gadgets built into it.

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So, if you think that you will not be able to remember it all, you can and we have confidence that it will gel with some helpful tips to follow. A good Optimus Prime costume is one that can instantly be recognized for what it is. The problem with many costumes, even well designed ones, is that they tend to be rather generic. Most of the other types of costumes like the princesses and superheroes tend to all resemble each other and that means that you actually have to answer many “who are you supposed to be” questions. Optimus Prime, on the other hand, is really difficult to mix up with other people as long as the costume is realistic enough. One of the reasons for the popularity of the Transformers is that they were very cleverly designed, with features that are distinctive and unique. This is just one reason that so many people seek out the Optimus Prime costume. When you go through the trouble of putting on an elaborate costume, it’s good to be recognized.

The Optimus Prime costume is perfect for any person who likes science fiction, gadgets or robots. The Transformers are some of the most popular action figures, comic book and movie characters in recent history and dressing up as the leader of the group can be quite a lot of fun. All of these tips are great for helping you find the best Optimus Prime costumes out there or so that you will have an easier time making your own costume.

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