Working With Auto Insurance Providers On Hit-And-Run Of Parked Cars

Posted on June 25, 2011 @ 2:48 pm

Have you ever experienced where your parked auto got damaged by a hit-and-run driver or discovered it with scratches, broken parts, and dents? Believe it or not, it is a common scenario everywhere involving parked cars. Oftentimes, that situation can even be much more tough given the truth that numerous of these circumstances don’t create any witnesses to the accident or the owner of the damaged vehicle wasn’t able to get the driver’s license plate number.

Results from a recent survey by a private insurance firm shows that over 50 percent of hit-and-run instances involve parked cars. When it is your own auto that’s involved, clearly it is a different story especially when the individual who did it’s nowhere to be discovered. Read on the following ideas on what to do when you’re faced with this situation.

After studying of what happened, right away call the police and wait for them to arrive to the scene of the accident. File an incident report with them and present some evidence. If doable locate any witnesses to the hit-and-run. If these individuals say that they’re in a hurry, just get their names and contact details and your insurance organization will get in touch with them to acquire their testimony. If not, their presence would be useful in giving an account to the police officer of what truly happened.

Following you have reported what happened to your auto insurance firm, find out initial if you are auto insurance permits you to create a claim for these kinds of instances. When your auto insurance has full coverage, most likely you’ll be covered for hit-and-run accidents. This makes it possible for you to recoup the cost for repairs to the damage on the vehicle.

You might still make a claim with the hit-and-run driver’s insurance business in the event you don’t have full comprehensive coverage your self. In the event you know the driver, check if he has insurance and if that insurance has sufficient liability limits. If not, it is way much simpler if you could just function together with your own insurance provider. They are able to help you in two ways: very first, they’ll send a check to you; second, they’ll offer a lawyer for you and make arrangements to ensure that you could recover your cost from the hit-and-run driver’s insurance firm.

Claims for hit-and-run incidents are really difficult to manage specially when you do not know who did it and if the driver is either uninsured or underinsured. You can file a complaint at your local DA’s office if there is no way for you to make a claim under normal circumstances. You’ll be able to also go to the Small Claims Court and file a lawsuit against the driver when you have determined his identity. 

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