Can There Be A Travel Insurance Policy Meant For Diabetics?

Posted on May 31, 2011 @ 4:43 am

Diabetes is rather common nowadays particularly for people over 55 years old.  Diabetics have special needs and regular medications that they cant go without, so its essential to know which kind of insurance you need to cover you if something happens while you are traveling.

Many insurance companies consider diabetes a high risk.  Diabetes should be covered as an illness on every policy, and definitely for travelers this should be no exemption.  The main difference is what it will cover while you are traveling.  This is something to consider when getting travel health insurance.  Some cheap travel insurance policies, such as a winter sports travel insurance policy will not cover everything. 

Coverage rates may be different for diabetics depending on the company you are buying your policy from.  Of course, ask questions up front as they relate to your situation and read the fine print.  Every question may be worth asking as long as it could help clarify things for you.  You are just making certain that what you are paying for is worth every penny.  Be aware that these insurances may consider you a higher risk which could make your premiums increase.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that you should tell everything concerning your diabetes when you talk to the insurance company.  Some companies would not normally tell you about this but it would be better for you to be honest.  One last thing you need to do is to get medical coverage for your travels so that just in case a medical emergency or situation happens, you could have treatment and let your insurance help you pay for it.  Any information that you give them is just like any other policy.  In this way, you would help them in determining which policy would be very useful for you. 

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