Top Tips For Choosing an Office Conference Table

Posted on April 30, 2011 @ 7:23 am

Conferences and meetings are sure  to be regular events in your office. The dedication  of space and the purchase of the appropriate furniture within that space is a consideration of major importance.

The office conference table forms the area where people may convene for healthy debates and may offer the ideal atmosphere in which the mightiest  business plans are examined and agreed upon. Whether located in its own room, or in a shared  area, similar considerations are to  be made prior to its  purchase. A mixture of functionality and aesthetics  which meet the needs of those who will gather around it will conclude with the  selection of the best  conference table. All situations are not the same and what is suitable for one may prove unsuitable for another.

A separate conference room has uses  for various purposes. Board meetings and department  meetings area couple of the most obvious ones. In addition, special events may be held  there, birthday or Christmas parties for example  together  with events to raise funds  or corporate hospitality functions. The furniture within the conference room should fulfill these purposes, and can make the choice of which one to purchase seem a little daunting.

Consider how many people will sit around the conference table.  For four to six people, a 1000mm diameter circular meeting table may be suitable.   There are of course, larger tables for more people  available in various  shapes such as an oval or rectangle.   They are to be found  in different wood finishes with choices of leg or base options which will suit  the individual requirements  of each particular office.

Should space be an issue, ormore flexible layout options be required, consider modular units which offer the ability to fit differently shaped tables alongside  each other to produce the ideal meeting of conference table.  As an example, two rectangular tables, placed back to back with a half circle  table at each end would give a simple elliptical end result.   Folding tables are also widely available which are easily stored when not in use should the space be needed for other uses. 

With a few considerations and simple measurements, you’ll have the perfect conference or meeting table for your office space in no time at all.

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