Affordable Living Out Of The Country On Your Social Security Income

Posted on April 29, 2011 @ 11:50 am

Retirement time has finally rolled around and it is time to start thinking about your senior years and how you are going to spend them. Most folks spend fifty or sixty years working hard at their job because that is what they are used to doing. Working is really a pleasure if you like your job, however, if you don’t like your job, there are other ones available for the right person with the right education. Hopefully your career was as enjoyable as you wanted it to be.<br /><br />Yes, you may have spent the last thirty, forty or even fifty years accumulating ‘stuff’ that will now need to be weeded out and whittled down to the most necessary items to carry with you. Some of your belongings, such as the home gym, <a href=’’>sleigh bed</a> and china hutch may be transferred to family members forever or just for safe keeping. You may decide to come back home one day, if things improve.<br /><br />Some of your favorite items could serve in useful ways other than just decoration. This might include a collectible lamp, providing needed light as well as beauty. The hummingbird collection, especially the hanging ones, might easily dangle in windows or from branches trimmed from local trees in your new abode. Favorite photos and coins can be brought with you, to be enjoyed at your leisure, as well.<br /><br />Once you have found the country you feel is just what you wanted, it will take some adjusting but if it is someplace like Costa Rica you will have ocean, mountains and protected ecological systems that are gorgeous. It sounds like a good life and it really is.<br /><br />Just because you may leave it behind does not mean that you do not ever want it back. If your children have kiddies that are musical and are babysitting your instrument, tell them up front it is only a temporary thing, if and when you return or decide you would like to ship it where you are. As long as they do have it, however, great improvement should be seen in the students skills in music.<br /><br />A very important item to be considered is your health care. Remember that your government care does not cover you out of your country if you moved there and are not just visiting. Usually the country you’re moving to will be able to help you with normal every day illness such as <a href=’’>neck pain</a>, backaches and other issues. There are plans that are available for a reasonable cost.<br /><br />The fact that your money stretches farther in this new country of yours, means that you might have more time to spend on your hobbies, such as working with your <a href=’’>quilt set</a> to complete fancy quilts, painting those fantastic landscapes and finishing all those crocheted afghans you have promised all the children. Reading and writing are good ways to keep busy, too. Continue learning, no matter what, for that is said to be a sure way to keep your memory in tact for a longer period of time.

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