Rivers & Water Damage: How Water Damage in Detroit MI Happens

Posted on March 31, 2011 @ 12:00 pm

Detroit is recognized for being a port city to the Detroit River, a significant body of water 32 miles long. Actually , the name Detroit itself has a water-based origin – it means strait in French. The Detroit River has been documented in history due to its contributions to Detroit as a city. Other bodies of water existing in Detroit include the Ecorse River and other rivers belonging to America’s Great Lakes system.

As interesting as all of these may sound, proximity to rivers may actually bring about complications for some people, especially for homeowners. Water damage in Detroit can come about not only because of its nearness to water but also its level of urbanization.

A perfect example is the occurrence of flash floods in the Ecorse River. The Ecorse River, also known as Ecorse Creek, is a tributary of the Detroit River.

This river is home to about 9 different municipalities, all of which have received some form of water damage, in particular flash floods. It has been reported that as much as $240 million is being raised by the local government to remedy the problem of water damage in Detroit MI alone.

Flash floods can result in damaged homes, weaker structures and sometimes even lost lives. This is a more extreme type of water damage. Of course, not every household that is near a river is at risk for flash floods, but they can nevertheless experience some other form of water damage. Examples of these scenarios could be damages from growing vegetation, insects and water-borne diseases.

If you are a house owner in Detroit, Michigan, it is usually healthy to do regular checks on your home for water damage. You can hire a skilled water damage restoration business for this purpose. They will usually conduct a in depth check of your house, to check for structural weaknesses or dampness present on your walls. You may previously have water damage but may not be aware of it. This will apply whether or not you live near a body of water.

The inclusion of several pumps and drainages also prevents the incidence of water damage inside a house and outside of it.

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