Several Individuals Are Displeased As Apple Stops Its Apple Iphone 4G Case Program

Posted on March 27, 2011 @ 6:15 am

When the apple iphone 4 was launched, we all know that only over night there have an enormous number of complaints about the new phone’s reception issue and also we are all aware about it. But yet this didn’t stir all of those hard core Apple supporters because the market remains to be very confident for brand new iPhone. Just recently, the iPhone 4 was also released in China where in was welcomed by more than a thousand excited enthusiasts who even remained in line for 2 days simply to be some to first ones to use the original iPhone 4 in Chinese soil. To appease the disappointed consumers, Apple has started their particular free case program for everyone who has purchased just before September 30 where their potential customers would most likely download the free bumper or case app and sign in using their iTunes account and claim their free case. The move even though not related, did carry out it’s task to a certain degree of comforting a few rather irritated consumers. And also who wouldn’t be, immediately after paying $700 then learning that it isn’t working as guaranteed. But now that Apple has chose to end the free of charge case program, forums flood with comments that they wouldn’t proceed their intends to purchase the iPhone 4 and would probably buy a Blackberry unit to use as their smart phone. When our own clients purchase their iphone insurance from us, they are assured that if their phone were stolen or suffered damages especially the most common which is liquid damages that their iPhone would eventually be changed. Even though comprehensive iphone insurance does have stringent compliance to follow whenever claiming to prevent insurance fraud, it nonetheless offers the security our clients want. But total iphone insurance cannot cover an issue like the iPhone 4’s reception and antennae problem and that concerns our customers. Giving away free of charge cases in a way did it’s task for Apple of at least mending some discontentment, and today taking it out totally? I sure hope Apple management knows what they’re doing.

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