You’ll be able to turn into a sluggish or inefficient reader due to the fact of this

Posted on February 27, 2011 @ 5:15 pm

1 situation that a dyslexic individual could have will be the Irlen Syndrome. This condition is extremely much connected to dyslexia because, they both have several similar symptoms. In addition, a good deal of dyslexics have this syndrome, together with getting dyslexia itself.

From study and testing, it was discovered that a variety of problems could outcome from seeing a distorted page of numbers, words, and musical notes. It can in fact affect reading, spelling, and writing. Also, you can find instances that math, copying abilities, music reading, driving, sports activities efficiency, capacity to function on the personal computer, and becoming comfortable beneath fluorescent lights are also affected.

Defining Irlen

Individuals with this syndrome perceive the printed page in a distinct way than individuals men and women that has normal vision. Should you have this, you might be obliged to continually adapt towards the distortions you might be seeing on the printed page.

You’ll be able to turn into a sluggish or inefficient reader due to the fact of this. In addition, you may exhibit inadequate comprehension, because you don’t actually understand what you might be reading. It is possible to also suffer from headaches, strain, or fatigue.

The situation can affect your attention-span, inspiration, energy-level, depth-perception, handwriting, and nearly all of all, your self-esteem. People who victims from this situation are at times labeled as underachievers which have behavioral, motivational or attitudinal problems.

This syndrome is considered to be a variable and complex situation that is usually found co-existing with other learning-disabilities, such as dyslexia.

The Beginnings

The syndrome was recognized initial by Helen Irlen, an Academic Psychologist. This occurred in the 1980′s while functioning in California with adult-learners. She was able to observe that quite a few her pupils can study with far better ease every time they used a colored overlay to cover the printed page they’re reading.


If you’re a dyslexic with this problem, you would have to undergo the patented treatment-method. Right here you have to use specially formulated, colored overlays or colored lenses. You’ll be able to put on these as glasses as well as get in touch with lenses. Once you use the lenses, a reduction and even elimination of perceptual-difficulties is experienced.

Their program is particularly designed to fulfill the requirements of men and women with studying difficulties, such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia, along with other conditions that can interfere with enough working inside of the workplace, classroom, and socially.


Some signs and symptoms of this syndrome are inadequate reading comprehension, reading in dim light, misreads words, skipping of words or lines, sluggish or hesitant method of reading, and avoidance of reading itself.

Although reading, an individual with this condition can have numerous complaints like strain, fatigue, tiredness, sleepiness, headaches, and nausea. An individual might also appear restless and fidgety while performing the task.

In regards to writing, you’ll be able to have some difficulty copying words, unequal spacing in between characters, uphill or downhill path of writing, and inconsistent spelling of words.

When using the pc, you can also feel tiredness and strain. You may also experience some issues when reading music. Also, you frequently have sloppy or careless math mistakes. When you publish numbers in columns, they are also misaligned.

One obvious symptom nonetheless is the syndrome’s impact on your depth perception. You’re often clumsy and also have problems with sports activities that entail catching balls. You might also have troubles in judging distances.

Many of the time, when folks with dyslexia undergo treatment, the intervention just isn’t productive because there’s an underlying presence of Irlen Syndrome. That is why acquiring an assessment for this problem is equally essential when you have dyslexia.

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