Kidney Stones In Ladies – Indications And Recommendation

Posted on January 30, 2011 @ 12:41 am

There are many people that suffer from kidney stones, though I must admit that before I began to suffer with them myself I didn’t hear much about them. When I had a problem with kidney stones it seems that everybody that ever had them came in contact with me with their own specific story about what they went thru whatever they had them.

The agony that is felt when you have a kidney stone is just about indescribable, and if you haven’t felt that actual discomfort then consider yourself lucky. Kidney stones are also random; they don’t care if they strike men or girls. If you’re a woman has problems with kidney stones, or you would like to understand the kidney stone symptoms in girls and here is some info that might be of use to you.

Any discomfort that’s felt from kidney stones is usually the same in both males and females. Though many times you hear about the problems with kidney stones as being intense discomfort in the back, often a kidney stone can pass with no discomfort. I have had, during the past, what is often known as silent kidney stones. There was no discomfort involved, however I had dark urine which make sure I know that that was a difficulty, and some bleeding somewhere along the line.

Eventually the kidney stone passed and the bleeding stopped. Sometimes nonetheless , the discomfort that’s felt from a kidney stone can circle around from the back to the front. Since ladies have a tendency to, infrequently, have problems with cramping during their menstruation cycle than it is difficult to distinguish the difference if the discomfort isn’t too harsh.

You would also wish to use caution with the amount of calcium that you take. Many girls take calcium supplements because they do not get enough in their diet, however this can cause a problem as most kidney stone spring from a buildup of calcium in the system. This is not usually a problem that needs too much concern, just make absolutely sure that you stay as healthy as possible and include natural sources of calcium in your diet.

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