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Posted on January 29, 2011 @ 9:46 am

As we live our lives, we find quite a few opportunities to donate to a variety of causes that are very deserving. This article lists the five chief reasons why people do not supply money to charities.

1. I may not possess funds to donate to charity

A lot of people actually do not possess the money to give to charity. Essentially, a lot of people could actually need the help of one of the many charities available. For instance we have helped many Canadian charities in the past. On the other hand, for quite a few more people, coming up with even $5 to give to a worthy cause is usually very possible to do.

You may locate a plethora of methods of saving money that you can later give to a charity. Maybe you don’t go to Starbucks on one occasion. Don’t eat out one evening and stay home and have a home cooked meal instead.

2. My donation might just head toward operating expenses.

Charities do need to spend some money on expenses such as travel, administration, shipping, security, and others to ensure they are able to assist the people who need them.

After all is said and done, if you truly care about a cause and that charity is equipped to provide assistance to the needy, that’s all that matters.

3. I do not believe any charity actually follow on what it claims to do.

Certain organizations have engaged in suspicious activities in years past. Even worse, people have established charities in order to steal money for their own use rather than providing assistance to someone else.

Not all charities are scams, so please do not let a bad experience keep you from giving money to legitimate groups.For instance, you should always pick a registered charity with the Government as they are often audited. This is the case with the Canadian charity we donate to. Your money will help these groups achieve their goal.

4. The money I could provide is nothing

You might think that simply $5 won’t do any good. But, even $5 could be sufficient to get medicine, water, food, and other necessities to a person who really needs it.

Your donation is not the singular one the charity will get. Your money will accumulate with the money from other people to make a solid impact. Your funding, regardless of how much, is important.

5. They don’t demand extra funds

As soon as a major disaster ends and it’s not on TV anymore, it’s not hard to believe that no one needs your money anymore.

For a few instances, when the event is not making headlines anymore, your money is actually required even more because more work has to be done. Once a charity becomes established, often they cannot do all of the work themselves because there is so much to do.

It is your duty to provide any amount of money that you can to a charity that is important to you.

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