Just How A Texas Title Loan Saved Me

Posted on November 29, 2010 @ 6:25 am

I’m a true blue, desert scorched Texan. Houston has been my home and I am not even thinking of staying somewhere else. I am a regular guy doing contact center work for a bank, answering customer calls and handling personal and small to medium business accounts. But I used to be employed in a very different industry a few years back. I used to create new entrees and amuse bouche at my very own restaurant. I decided a long time ago that since my passion is food, my careers ought to be something about it. At the tender age of 25, I ventured into the food business after saving up some money and taking out a loan from a bank. In 2008, I had enough saved up enough to upgrade my mom and pop diner into a legit restaurant with fancy menus and a fully functional kitchen. Worst timing that I might have chosen. When the economic downturn struck, I was left with an enormous debt that ate up my measly profits at the restaurant. When the expenditures got too much and less people strolled into my door, I had no choice but to lock the door permanently, only six months into my new enterprise. There was a time when my automotive financing company sent their repo men to take back the car I bought just a year before. I was desperate and had no other option that made sense. Time was ticking and I racked my mind for strategies. So instead of getting it repossessed, I used my car as leverage and get a Texas title loan. Believe you me, it helped me a lot.

The auto industry was one of the worst hit businesses in that nightmare of a recession. I had endless calls from collections representatives but I never thought they would follow through on their warnings. But they did. I was distraught and found no other way out. A close colleague suggested I examined the title loan Texas establishments were offering. I found that I could get the money I needed in as short as a quarter of an hour. I learned that they also did not do credit report checks. However there was a trade off. The rates were high and the terms really short.

What I discovered was this: if I wanted to make sure I kept my car, I had to arrange for those payments. After I settled with the car company, I got two jobs. I got into the post I have now but also taught English to foreigners for 90 days to make my payments. Good thing I came across TX-CarTitleLoans.com, a top provider of Texas title loans today, and found the best rates and terms there were. I got out of that jam through careful planning and much more stringent research and am on my return.

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