Does Your Business Plan Include a Time Management Strategy

Posted on November 28, 2010 @ 6:37 am

Time Management has incredible influence on a business owner’s success. I encounter clients who really need  Business Plan Consultant to get them into position where some solid planning and other types of  business consulting can be of real benefit. Otherwise, their “busyness” and lack of personal planning overshadows the efficacy of good  Business Plan Services for the company. Get the time management right upfront, then rolling out success planning, whether a new marketing strategy or new strategic direction, can be laser focused and structured for real success.

You Are Very Busy – What Are The Results?

Business owners are very busy. Busy is often equated with success. Or a business owner may think that since everyday is a busy day and I can only do so much in a day, then I am doing the best I can. Well, that is a big Fallacy. There are a couple issues with type of thinking. Often the business owner does not know what tasks have a good payoff or ROI for the company. The busy activities of the business owner really take over the cornerstone of running a sound and healthy company. Planning your daily and weekly business activities will solve these common time management issues. However, before planning it is important to find out strategically what tasks are most important and why. You need to determine the payoff for each task and prioritize. Highest payoff tasks should have priority, with your other busy tasks scheduled in subsequent.

Steps to Take to Achieve Effective Time Management

Step One: Keep track for one or two weeks exactly how you spend your day. Time and identify your specific actions and tasks for the entire day- minute by minute, hour by hour.

Step Two: Document what the payoff for your company was for the specific tasks accomplished for the tracked period of time.

Step Three: Identify and Prioritize what actions and tasks will have the best payoff for your company in relation to your Business Plan, Marketing Plan and Strategic Plan.

Step Four: Schedule out 2-4 weeks in advance how and when you will accomplish these priority, strategic actions and tasks. These are the first items for your new schedule. They have the most priority.

Step Five: Now schedule in your busy tasks and meetings. Since your schedule will be filling up with the priority items, you will be forced to decide really what busy tasks are important for you and what can be delegated or simply dismissed.

Step Six: Stick to the structure and make changes and adjustments to the schedule up to one month in advance as a result of and relation to your business planning, strategic planning and marketing strategies. Reprioritize at least once per month or preferably every two weeks to ensure you are tracking the most effective path for your business goals.

Step Seven: Measure results on a weekly basis and make small adjustments for the coming week as requisite. Identify successes and issues and figure out how to overcome problems. Acknowledge the successes through out your company and who helped you achieve that success at the end of every week. Carry that impetus into your forthcoming new week.

Good Time Management Creates Good Business Habits

Tie in your tasks to be completed for the day with your business plan goals. Make out a schedule that reflects the objectives behind your company’s business plan milestones. Mange your time in context to what you want to accomplish with your business plan. Strategically identify your most important tasks for the day and week to come. Finding the balance between important strategic tasks and more mundane ones is the trick to good time management and the fruits of it. Failing to plan your schedule by the hour and minute will leave you busied to death with tasks that you do not know will have a strategic payoff for your company. This is the crux of Strategic Thinking and Planning. And this paradigm is what makes many business owners more effective and successful than the next.

Free Time – Enjoy it!

Good time management frees up your time, giving you more time to enjoy your household, more recreation, more healthy space from your company. This makes you happier and healthier, which has a huge payoff in your business. You become much more efficient and effective, cutting the necessary time to really achieve what is actually needed for your company to thrive and succeed. Get your priorities in your business right and your priorities in life get right. The payoff is better profitability and happiness. Can’t beat that! What are you waiting for? Get started today…

About The Guest Writer -  Frank Goley is a Business Turnaround Consultant for ABC Business Consulting. He is an expert in business planning, marketing, strategic planning, business turnarounds, online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Frank has written over 140 Business Success Articles and E-Books. He is author of a Business Plan Book and writes the Business Success Blog. Frank really enjoys helping companies to start, grow, turnaround and succeed! 

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