Black Hat Seo Method – Keyword Stuffing

Posted on November 28, 2010 @ 4:50 am

The search engine optimization methods are sought after by mostly all of the websites to achieve a higher web page rank in the search result pages. There are so many seo services on-line that help you to get your targeted ranking related to your keywords. These companies help you gain a great popularity on-line while giving you profitable business to you.

Among numerous seo link building techniques, you can’t say all of them are authentic. Some are off the ethical code of practices which Google does not like. These are known as as black hat methods. Some of the companies practice these black hat methods to optimize their keywords. They don’t follow legitimate procedures. However they stick to a short cut path to attain success quickly. But these strategies when found out by Google may make you pay penalty. Even your website may get banned because of this.

Stuffing the pages of your site with undetectable key phrases is one of the black hat methods of optimizing your key phrases. If you’ve your internet page, white in color, then when you input your key phrases along the web page in same white, the readers can’t notice this. But the crawlers and spiders can read them and once thought those sites as much more suitable ones for those keywords. But lately, the search engines have become cleverer in smelling even this technique. They can spot out the invisible key phrases and small font spamming tactic. If you get your web website blacklisted for utilizing these dishonest techniques, the results may show to be serious for your growth.

White hat techniques follow honest methods of improving your website. They go a straight way, but may take little longer to bear fruits. However the outcomes of white hat Search engine optimization lasts longer and rather permanent. Web marketing by white hat Search engine optimization consists of, rich content for your sites, building one way links in a natural way and enhancing the site via common techniques and approaches. They cater to the products and solutions of their customers and adjust their methods to match their requirements. In the event you fall a prey to the black hat methods, then you are surely going off the track. In white hat Seo method even though it takes time, you can see a steady increase the web page rank of your site and get good visitors to it therefore generating a substantial amount of sales through high conversion rate. On the other hand, if you get caught by the new algorithm of the search engines like google for the black hat Search engine optimization methods, you may get your site banned permanently causing a total loss.

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