Synthetic Motor Oil…Is It Worth The Price?

Posted on September 27, 2010 @ 1:05 pm

Have you ever wondered why is synthetic motor oil so expensive?  What makes the $6 quart of oil better than the $2 quart?

If you don’t know the difference the answer to that second question is simply you might be getting ripped off for the $4 difference in the price of oil which amounts to $24 of rip off per oil change (almost $100 dollars a year).

You are actually saving money in the long run when purchasing a high quality synthetic motor oil, one that is a PAO basestock with premium additives.  Let’s say that you aren’t being cheated and that the cost of processing the oil truly justifies the price, here’s what you’re actually purchasing…

Engine lubricating oils are composed of two parts… the basestock or base oil and the additive package.  In a more ‘pure’ time for motor oils, only PAO basestocks were privileged with the synthetic label, but as of 1997 that has changed.  Today the word ‘synthetic’ is used very loosely.

PAO basestocks are manufactured from the base hydrocarbon molecules to have the chain length desired for the desired viscosity ranges.  Basically this means that there are no impurities and no residual paraffins or waxes that are present when using conventional motor oils.  Without impurities, your oil won’t break down in your engine from self contamination.  PAO basestock is more expensive to  produce than conventional basestock (which are byproduct of producing fuel from crude).

The additive package is the portion of the oil that provides protection from corrosion, protection from metal to metal contact on starts, cleaners and detergents to keep your engine clean, and helps your oil stay thick as it gets hot (Viscosity Improvers).  When it comes down to cost, some of the additives are like liquid gold.  It is quite easy to cut corners in this area and go really cheap.  Quality oils have significant cost in this area.  Going cheap on the additives has serious consequences to your engine protection.

With a premium basestock and a sweet additive package your motor oil should cost more but at the same time save you money.  See, a good oil package can run much longer in your engine while providing better protection the whole time.  You’re saving time and money by changing your oil less and not buying so much motor oil.  There are oils that will run as long as 35,000 miles without special bypass.

But you have to watch out for rip offs. How does anyone know if they’re getting scammed or not if they don’t know what’s really in the oil they’re buying?  I don’t know what’s in your garage but I know what isn’t in mine and that’s a mass spectrometer to tell me what’s really in the oil I just dished out a small fortune for.  That is why I am making available the lab test results for all the top oils at the store.

Don’t get cheated!  And certainly don’t buy one single drop of oil before you know what you’re really spending your money on…read this synthetic motor oil report first.

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