Analyzing The Suitable Cruise Insurance To Obtain

Posted on September 24, 2010 @ 9:13 pm

A lot of people would want to take a cruise once in a while until they watched Titanic or Poseidon.  Insurance is good to have as a just in case, and it certainly would have come in handy for these two events.  Or would it?

Sure you can ask your homeowners insurance to cover for your cruise and even though they may provide you with a travel insurance, be aware that when you file a claim with that policy, the same rule would apply as with other claims, as a result your insurance premiums would go up.  Another drawback with a travel insurance provided by your homeowners insurance company is that it only covers for the loss of things in your possession.  This kind of travel insurance isn’t going to cover you for any medical needs or trip cancellation.  This is why you will want to look for travel health insurance.  This is one type available.  Others include adventure travel insurance and backpacking travel insurance.

You can get two types of insurance for your cruise.  You can have a primary that will cover almost everything from the first penny claimed, and then you can have a second policy which would cover what is left once your primary pays everything out that its going to pay.  While primary is much more expensive, it may be the best option.  It would also be important to ask what is covered by the policy so you would know what you are actually buying.  However, it could take several months to pay out what they cover with secondary policies.

The cost of cruise insurance is typically only 5 to 10 percent of what the cruise package would actually cost, so as you can see it may not run you as much as traditional travel insurance.  You need to understand what this insurance does not cover though so you won’t be disappointed. Bad weather, changing your mind, childbirth, war or even a change in your financial situation will not count as a reason to file a claim.  While you plan for your cruise, you also have to keep this in mind.

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