Advantages And Disadvantages Of Link Baiting

Posted on August 27, 2010 @ 6:39 pm

People are ready to follow any techniques, hook or crook to get links for their websites, and one among them are seo link building with a link building service and link baiting. Link baitingĀ  has been a typical word used recently in the Seo industry and a debate, whether website link baiting is great or poor, is still going on in an interesting way among bloggers. Some Search engine optimization businesses favor link baiting claiming that is one of the techniques that must be followed to bring the identical benefits as any other great web procedures, although the others are strictly against this artificial method of building hyperlinks.

Now, you may get the question of what is website link baiting. It cannot be described in a single word for it involves various techniques followed by bloggers and other web site owners to obtain one way links to their website. Many of these techniques are announcement of contests and designing a logo having a website link to their website, which when placed on many blogs and sites, gets easy hyperlinks back to their websites. Giving out awards is another technique. One may wonder use of creating so many awards and giving it out to other individuals. It is one from the cheap techniques of link baiting.

Those who are great in developing, design some helpful widgets and tools, like BMI calculator, or free of charge screen saver and include their site website link in that. These widgets positioned in their sites, when clicked goes towards the target site which provided the widget. But some individuals, who have a little understanding of HTML, remove the links alone and use the widgets without links. But these methods of link baiting, that offers free of charge widgets, awards and conducting contests are fairly good.

You will find some poor methods also. Writing attacking posts and handling delicate and questionable issues is one more technique of website link baiting. When a person is attacked, he will attack in return having a website link to their site and people who favor this will write supporting posts and people do deter this will write opposing posts and all of them will surely possess a link towards the sites that incorporate controversial subject, and thus the number of links grows without having their understanding. High traffic is the motivational factor behind these kinds of website link baiting.

Website link baiting is frequently said in negative terms. The word baiting itself means trying to trick or trap an innocent one without their knowledge. Nevertheless we can’t say that all those individuals who fall a prey to link baiting are doing this without having their understanding. Regardless of whether it is great or bad depends upon the type of source they use to bait. If you use in a healthy way, it would truly get you lots of inbound one way links from various places.

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