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Find Cheap Auto Insurance In Chicago

Posted By stevenlocke on July 31, 2010 @ 5:48 am

In today’s economy, saving money where you are able is vitally important. Saving the money on your auto insurance in Chicago is easy and comparing prices can get you the best price on your needs.


There are websites that will do the comparisons for you, and all you have to do is supply information. This can assist you in getting quotes very quickly. Many of these also list out what the requirements are in Illinois, so you make sure you are getting at least what the law requires.


You will need to decide exactly how much coverage you want to have. If you need just the minimum the law states, then cut costs by having a higher deductible and cutting out the extra services like car rentals since this increases your payments.


Try and avoid accidents and tickets. Your driving record can go back 3 yeas, so keeping this clean can save you money now and in the future. When you get any type of violation, your insurance will go up, and it can force you into paying much more for the insurance then you need to.


Your credit score is also a major reason insurance rates are higher or lower. If you have bad credit, then make bill payments on time and after several months, look for quotes again, and request one from the company you are with. They might lower it for the improving to the score, and give you a discount for having insurance on the cart for a while.


Comparing quotes for auto insurance in Chicago is the best way to save money immediately. By having many choices, you can make sure that you have the best price.

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How Addictions Lead To Debt

Posted By stevenlocke on @ 4:53 am

There are so many people out there that get into debt over a lot of small things indeed but what are the common things that get them into the position they get into? Are there ways to stop this kind of thing or is it inevitable that it is going to happen to people of the world?



Although this often isn’t what comes into peoples minds when debt is thought of, it happens and it is something that if people get addicted to could actually end up spending all of their money on. Drinking is not the easiest of addictions to get over and people can spent up to 50-200 pounds on alcohol per day which adds up very quickly indeed.



This one is a lot worse than drinking because of some of the effect it can have on the body, some of them are shocking. You will find that debt can build up a lot quicker with something like this because they cost more. There are also added risks with this one because it is illegal. One of the main reasons a lot of people actually turn homeless is because of drugs and it is one of those things that is hard to recover from. Homes and small fortunes can be lost in a matter of months when it comes to things like this.


Both of these ways are really rather shocking ways people can end up in debt but they really do happen. This is not going to happen to that many people realistically but it can happen in the normal kind of way. This will usually range from borrowing too much money to a falling business.


Look out for credit cards for people with bad credit along with adverse credit cards and poor credit credit cards.

So there you have it really, make sure you watch the money!

Discovering The Right Business Bank

Posted By stevenlocke on July 30, 2010 @ 5:50 am

There are few things far more difficult and rewarding in everyday life than starting a business.  Careful preparation plus outstanding organisation is completely necessary.  A lot of new ventures are unsuccessful inside the 1st 12 months of doing business as a result of lack of adequate business building strategies.  Just about the most vital actions you will consider whenever you launch your business is selecting a business bank.  There are numerous banking organizations to select from, and every financial institution presents various products in addition to solutions. If you are looking for a top business bank account you wouldn’t go far wrong in looking at HSBC Business Banking.

Costs and Fees

It is crucial to be able to review and even evaluate the expenses and fees which can be connected with a new business account.  The very best business financial institutions are able to offer highly competitive service fees and cost rates to be able to secure new clients.  You need to use this fact to your advantage to find a cost construction which works for you.  A lot of financial institutions may even offer no cost business banking for a recognized time frame.  It is prudent to learn the {charges} that’ll be charged after the free of charge banking timeframe has run out.

Credit Amenities

Frequently a start up venture requires to borrow funds in order to make sure that there’s sufficient cashflows.  For anyone who is commencing a new business, cashflow is essential to help future financial success and growth.  Many banking institutions offer an overdraft element linked to the business account.  It usually is essential to offer security to the bank, such as property or home, stocks and also additional assets.  It is important to cautiously contemplate almost any request for credit and also make sure that you have enough monies to make the repayment demands.  Rates with overdraft accounts change from bank to bank, therefore you have to examine fees to get the the bank that’s right for your needs.

Financial Planning and Business Support

One of the best top features of a business banking account may be the guidance and support your bank manager can provide you.  Your business account supervisor can offer you strategies for success, financial planning and reliable general business guidance.  When you are commencing a new business this kind of assistance and support may be completely invaluable.

Stock Market Tanks, Cash For Gold Scams Rise, Gold Price Soars

Posted By stevenlocke on July 29, 2010 @ 2:40 pm

The action lately has been in the gold market. As a neurotic stock market and the European debt crisis spur predictions of a global financial meltdown, a vault full of gold is like a dose of Valium for stressed out investors. On Wednesday, the spot gold price was more than 1,200 dollars an ounce as fears of investors drive stock lower. European investors and banks around the world want some gold. And investment gurus like Richard Russell are telling people to avoid the stock market like the plague and buy gold stocks instead.

Article Source: Gold price soars, stock market tanks, cash for gold scams rise

Get cash for your gold

The prolonged economic downturn and soaring gold price have brought out cash for gold scam artists. MarketWatch reports that as cash-strapped consumers who rely on quick payday loans sell their gold to pay for necessities, complaints against gold dealers are rising rapidly. According to the Better Business Bureau’s website (, the biggest offenders are companies saying they’ll buy gold jewelry and advertising heavily on cable television channels.

Price soars for gold marker

At a jump of 2 percent just six days after the stock market Flash Crash, the gold spot price set a record high on May 12 at $ 1,241. Since May 2009, the gold price has risen 34.2 percent. But Fortune reports that the current gold market price, when adjusted for inflation, doesn’t even come close to the true peak in 1980, when the gold price hit $ 825.50 an ounce — $ 2,180.27 in 2010 dollars. It is expected that the gold spot price will rise even more as these stocks provide a hedge against risk in volatile markets. Fortune was told by Jeffery Nichols, managing director of American Precious Metal Advisors, that the gold market price could reach $ 1,500 an ounce or higher by the end of the year.

Scams of cash for gold

Cash for gold scam artists are taking advantage of the soaring gold price. Some cash for gold companies say they are honest even when their website has the word “scam” in the address. Some of these sites try to protect consumers. On, one consumer complaint says a couple originally went to pawn shops and got offers up to $ 350. They wanted more and went to Cash4Gold, which offers a “fast cash” option in which customers waive their right that they originally have to dispute the amount they receive. Two weeks later the couple received a check for $ 67.70. The rings, a little over half an ounce of 14K gold, would have been worth about $ 500.

Law for cash for gold scams reports that Anthony Weiner, US Rep., believes that Cash4Gold, one of the biggest advertisers on TV, is systematically ripping off customers. Weiner is proposing legislation that would require companies to give customers bids on the jewelry and force them to return gold by insured mail.

The Gold market actually raises with inflation

Gold stocks are a hedge against the rising prices. Trillions of dollars in government bailouts in the US and Europe are adding inflation to the many fears investors already have. The Daily Reckoning reports that not just hyperinflation is the monster under the bed as the Federal Reserve floods the economy with free money. The U.S. National debt is already 12.8 trillion, but it will rise to $ 19.1 trillion after including the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac balance sheets. Throw in all of the Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the debt is $ 79.1 trillion — 5.5 times the U.S. GDP of $ 14.2 trillion.

Expect run on gold to continue

In his latest Dow Theory Letter prediction Tuesday, Richard Russell forecasts a stock market crash. Russell suggests investors should get out of the stock market, pay off debt, and convert assets into cash. Some investors take Richard Russell’s Dow Theory Letter quite seriously. A stock market sell-off and run on cash and gold will probably be encouraged by his predictions.


MarketWatch reports

Fortune reports

Calculating Your Life Insurance Coverage Amount

Posted By stevenlocke on July 28, 2010 @ 8:30 am

You see life insurance as an important piece in your financial security but don’t know how much insurance you really need.

Some questions to ask yourself before you buy instant life insurance :

Will you have too much life insurance coverage or too little life insurance coverage?

Are there other details that I need to look at before obtaining a life insurance policy?

These questions before you actually get life insurance are valid and asked by everyone before they actually buy life insurance.

When you compare instant life insurance policies there are good guidelines to follow that will optimize your life policy search .

#1 factor in determining how much life insurance you actually need is to look at your own situation now and your living expenses for you and your family .

Your Family’s Monthly Spend :

  •     Mortgage / House payments / Rent
  •     Credit Cards
  •     Automobile Loans
  •     Food
  •     Utilities: Electricity/Water/Trash
  •     Cable TV / Phone Bills / Internet
  •     Gasoline
  •     College Tuition
  •     Additional Expenses: Movies, Eating Out, Clothes

Majority of the expenses above cover your monthly spend each month that you need to take into account for your term coverage .

Ask yourself these additional questions as well:

If God forbid something happens to the breadwinner should the mortgage be paid off?

Do you think the death benefit should cover your auto loan payments?

Is it important for the life insurance death benefit to cover the children’s college tuition?

Is there enough benefit to cover your spouse as well?

Term Life Coverage – Putting it together :

  •     Take the monthly expenses and multiply by the number of years you want your family’s expenses to be covered
  •     Add your forecastd mortgage amount (if you want to cover it with your life insurance benefit)
  •     Add your estimated additional debt loan amounts if want those covered
  •     If you choose to have the kids’ college expenses paid for you can add that amount

Taking these factors into account when you buy life insurance will give you a much better picture of the total life insurance benefit you will need when you actually decide to buy life insurance and protect your family.

The sooner you take into account these details the better. It may be a little tedious but it will make things much more clear financially and give you much insight into how much you need to protect your family .

Buy instant life insurance by first comparing quotes on . Out of the insurers listed choose the best suited life insurance company for the amount of coverage you desire .

Low Cost Auto Insurance: Info On The Tesco Car Insurance

Posted By stevenlocke on July 27, 2010 @ 2:24 am

One of the biggest insurance providers in the UK is Tesco Car Insurance, who , offers a wide variety of insurance and financial products in addition to their mainstream car insurance program. Being somehow a low cost auto insurance company, a benefit not offered by other companies, is the Tesco car insurance Clubcard, a loyalty program offered by the company. Such unique marketing strategy is aimed at saving Tesco car insurance members money on purchases at a variety of stores and business both online and offline.

For customers that already belong to the Tesco Clubcard program, Tesco gives a discount on your car insurance. Apart from the savings you already get as a Clubcard member, the Tesco car insurance company for every purchase you make with the Clubcard, you earn additional points. Anytime you buy a service or product from the many Tesco member stores, online or offline, or if you utilise your Tesco credit card you receive more points. Every purchase credits your Tesco account with points and increases your buying power through discounts on future spending and vouchers.

You can also choose to utilise a voucher to pay for your Tesco car insurance, giving you an even bigger discount. Tesco has many clubs in their network, namely a wine club, food club, Christmas savers club, greener living club, healthy living club, or toddler and baby club. Tesco car insurance also distributes a regular magazine with lots of information and discounts on the Tesco car insurance Clubcard.

Your Tesco car insurance Clubcard’s points are just like cash. For every Clubcard point you earn, you receive a cash equivalence, so £4.75 in vouchers will allow you £4.75 to spend at an authorized retailer. Once you reach 150 Clubcard points, Tesco car insurance will send Clubcard Vouchers in your quarterly Clubcard Statement. You are then able to spend your vouchers at any of the Tesco retailers in their network, which include cell phone retailers, grocery stores, bookstores, optometrists or for gift cards of your choice.

Loyalty programs like this aren’t a recent idea, however, the Tesco car insurance approach is a new approach on an old concept, as they have so many various retailers participating in their network as a low cost or affordable auto insurance company. Such benefit alone is a big economic benefit to the consumer who would spend cash on products from many of these businesses anyway, except with a Clubcard, you can obtain a rebate on your purchases.

Juicing For A Healthy You

Posted By stevenlocke on July 26, 2010 @ 11:20 pm

Your typical juice machine is purchased in a department or discount store for $50 – 60. Popular models like Oster or Hamilton Beach are inexpensive…but they just won’t get the job done. Weak motors are the main drawback. Unless you are juicing soft produce like tomatoes or strawberries, the motor will inevitably bog down.

Additionally, your produce must be cut into small pieces to fit into the chute. And this, of course, increases the time and effort you must put into preparation. And as you can imagine, cleanup can be time consuming.

You value your time, so you need a “real” juicer that is up to the task of making quality juice without extreme hassle. Check out Jack Lalannes Power Juicer Machine.

The Jack Lalanne PowerJuicer Machine has a 3 inch diameter feed chute and 3,600 RPM motor that comes with lifetime guarantee. Plenty of power…the motor won’t bog down.

First-time users are often surprised about the lack of noise. Many juicers sound like a revving motorcycle. The Power Juicer make less noise than a washing machine. Its not quite “whisper quiet” as advertised on television. But it will not wake the kids and/or disturb your neighbors either.

The quality of juice is what impresses most users. Your payoff is fresh juice that tastes 10 times better than what is available from the store. You’ll be drinking juice chock full of nature’s vitamins & minerals and free of preservatives and other harmful additives. In summary, that means health and vitality for you & your family.

With cheaper juicers, it can be necessary to squeeze the remaining juice from the pulp. That’s not fun or efficient. The Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro model produces dry pulp. That’s why they claim it produces up to 30% more juice than the others.

Jack himself is known to be a dare-devil in demonstrating his physical prowess, but he’s a stickler for safety around the home. The Lalanne PowerJuicer comes with a blade puller accessory that makes it easy to remove the blade for cleaning without cutting your fingers. The unit also has a hold-down safety bar that prevents the blade from rotating unless the unit is fully assembled.

Another advantage is the unit’s stability. The PowerJuicer unit doesn’t move on the counter while you are inserting produce. Don’t expect this from other juicers unless we’re talking about the expensive commercial units.

Why Consider An Instant Approval Credit Card?

Posted By stevenlocke on July 25, 2010 @ 7:25 am

For those who have trouble qualifying for a general credit card an instant approval credit card is another option that they may look into. An instant approval credit card is a prepaid card that you can use like any credit card. You preload the card with cash or from your bank account.

Because the instant approval credit cards are prepaid you can load small amounts on each card. Worried about something using your card number online? No need. The instant approval credit card is limited by the amount you load onto it. University students that need to be limited in how much they spend may want to consider acquiring an instant approval credit card. With a set amount this type of instant approval credit card actually helps people focus on their limit.

Any retailer that accepts credit cards can take an instant approval credit card. All retailers whether online or offline will be able to accept your card. With these types of cards you will not have to worry about late payments. Also, there is no way you can get into debt having a prepaid card of this kind.

People usually just give gift certificates to shop a one retailer. By giving this card instead of a retailer gift card you give the recipient a lot more freedom to spend. Credit cards aren’t always the case for every situation as these cards may come in handy as well. Having an instant approval credit card lowers the risk dramatically. If you can’t qualify for a credit card you’ll still be able to rent a car using the prepaid card.

Not only that but you can also reserve a hotel room early too. By using the instant approval credit card you will also be able to take care of your utility bills as well. There aren’t any over the limit fees either with this card.

The APR on the instant approval credit card is non-existent. Whatever amount is available on the card is what you are able to spend.

With or without a good credit rating you can consider using this prepaid card for specific purposes. Poor credit score or not an instant approval credit card has great benefits.

Loan – When Should You Apply And Get It

Posted By stevenlocke on @ 5:09 am

If you are in need of some important money that can be an automotive repair bill or so and you use your Mastercard to pay, but you notice that your credit limit is over and now you are encumbered with a surprising and unavoidable cost.  What would you do?  Maybe you don’t have a Mastercard and face an important need of cash and your paycheck is some days further from now.  This is a situation that anyone can face anytime in his life.  Do not fret, you have many Loan options available and the best alternative is payday loan. 


Pay day loan is available in several forms and has many names in different states and places.  These loans are seriously popular among folk who get fixed sum of money each month and they should see that all expenses, daily and emergency are had a meeting with help from this cash.  Typically these folks are financially tight and when face financial burden, they rely on pay-day loans that are created and designed in such a way that they appear feasible and practical for the worker class.  When the current position is serious and the need of cash is on top, the advantages are weightier than disadvantages. 


When you will talk about benefits and flaws of any type of loan, the most vital point is the requirement of the hour.  Simply get into the shoes of the person who is trapped in such a situation where he must have money from any source.  It happens sometimes in life when nothing but cash becomes essential.  Payday loan is useful in these sorts of situation.  If your unexpected need of money for whatever reason needs to be met and you do not have it, you can triumph over this helplessness only with assistance from a loan.  And at these times you have got to decide what you want to do. 


However when you feel that the situation is such you need a loan, you must ask few questions.  Do you really need the money?  Can the need wait for your next paycheck?  Can you sacrifice few things for the next few months so you may be able to meet the loan installments?  If you satisfy your self with the answers, you can either take the payday or any other Loan.  If you’re able to pay back the loan inside time and the requirement is insistent, go on and reach the loan. 


CD Rates: What Rates Should You Get At The Bank?

Posted By stevenlocke on July 24, 2010 @ 2:20 pm

An interest rate is the percentage charged or paid, for borrowed assets. It is the price that’s paid for the employment of the money. When the cash is being borrowed, it is charged and when it is loaned, it is being paid. When you deposit money in a bank, interest is paid by that same bank because they use your cash to make loans. This way, both you and the bank will make profits.

Before going into a bank and depositing your money, you have to consider some factors first. First, decide on the sort of account that you want to have. There are a few types of high-interest accounts. An Instant Access Savings Account is excellent for money that you might need during times of emergency. You are supplied with a machine card so you can withdraw your cash anytime you need it. A Cash Individual Savings Account is an account where you can earn tax free interest. There are limits as to how much you can deposit for a year and the interest rates might not be that appealing. A Regular Savings Account is designed for folk who want to put a regular amount into their account monthly. A Certificate of Deposit Account (CD) is a time deposit whereby you keep your money with the bank for a certain time span, and you can only withdraw after that. Banks regularly give the best CD rates for Certificate of Deposit accounts.

When you have decided on the sort of account that you would like to have, search for the bank or monetary establishment where you would like your cash to be stored. Check out their rates so you can get the best ones. You can check out the newspapers, internet sites of monetary institutions, or you can go inquire personally at the banks. Financial institutions often have toll-free numbers and you can give them a call rather than going there yourself. You can ask how much their rates are, their best CD rates, and other pertinent information that you are going to need.

After gathering the data that you’re going to need, list down the top 3 highest bank IRs. Compare the amounts, and then check the policies of the banks about these accounts. Choose the one which will fit your wishes. Do not just go for the highest interest rate. Rather, go for the one that will be offering you the best policies such as having bonuses after adding another investment to your account. CD bank rates regularly have this policy so when you see one, then go ahead and take that chance.


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