Would It Be Possible To Apply For A Loan With A Short Deadline And When You Have Bad Credit? – Purple Payday Review

Posted on June 29, 2010 @ 7:31 pm

For those people who need to make a certain payment on a very short deadline and have found themselves out of cash, it can be very hard to secure financing for this short-term loan. One good solution is a type of loan called a payday loan, which is perfect for paying small amounts in a short timeframe – usually one month. To compare different lenders and read more about the lender we’re reviewing, click here: Purple Payday review.

One good lender is Purple Payday in the UK, who are well-known in the industry. So their reputation is strong, and they are running a long-term business. We definitely recommend using their business if you find yourself requiring a payday loan.

This company is one of the lenders on the market who offer a truly instant decision regarding your application – it is indeed fast. Also, this payday lender is one of the few who do not have credit checks – perfect for you if you are a bit wary if you’d pass the credit check.

Again, they go quite far in providing a comfortable experience for you – you don’t even need to have a debit card with your bank. Of course, you do still need a bank account as the money must be transfered to you somehow.

For urgent money needs, same day money transfers are available – that is, if you submit the application before 3 in the afternoon on a business day. If not, then the transfer will take place on the next working day. But this is still fast, considering some lenders take three days to make the transfer.

If you need a quick cash fix in a small amount, then Purple Payday is the option you should go with. They pay attention to the details as well – their online application form has been made as easy to comprehend as possible and free of financial jargon.

Some restrictions apply – you need to be earning at least £750 a month, and have to be working full-time. Naturally, you must also be at least 18 years old.

To find out more about payday loans and about this lender in particular, click here: http://ezinearticles.com/?Purple-Payday—Payday-Loans-Review&id=4067191 or here: Purple Payday Review.

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