Advanced Weight Loss Techniques

Posted on June 27, 2010 @ 5:51 am

I want to know how often you’ve been Zoned. Most of us have been there whether it’s in the kitchen or on the golf green.I speak of the area of life and performance where you’re getting real results in developing a physique that you can be proud of. You can do it in the zone. Learn more at

The zone is very significant for busy professionals like the money-men I’m working with on Sundays.When you’re pressed for free-time, you have to be in the zone in order to get something accomplished that you’re going to be proud of.

The aggressive, high strung personality that men like this have to be working in their favor too beccause they are prepared to get going as soon as they get to the gym. To maximize effectiveness in a short period of time, I have to emphasize four areas to apply workout heat: the rear of each leg, the back’s top portion, the chest’s muscles, and the abs. You can lose 20 pounds now.

Key to the efforts is a 15 minute assault on these zones that will get your metbolism pumping so you will lose weight no matter what you do for the rest of the day.

An example workout goes something like this: a warmup using body mass routines that include over-head squats. Do the overhead-squats with a dowels or bands in hand will kick things off.

Now go after the pushup that is going to be one of a variety of different methods you can use.Lunges are next, maintaining lower positions for a second-or-two for each one.

Inverse rowing rounds out the four-pronged attack, giving you a high intensity exercise experience.

With that circuit out of the way, proceed to some strengthening movements like squatting and leg’s presses; and bench-pressing and dumb bell chest-pressing. To help get more from the squatting, get your legs more spread appart. This gets the hips involved more and gives more to the gluteals. Talk about your zones in the best weight loss forum.

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