Get Rid Of Constipation

Posted on May 31, 2010 @ 2:34 pm

You know the sensation of constipation and how nauseating it can make you feel. All you’re feeling is bloating and this continuous state of pain.

hard stools is the scant bowel movement that’s characterised by hard and agonizing stool. It is one of the common health Problems particularly in kids.

bowel problems exhibits such symptoms as weight control, poor weight gain, fever, puking, lack of appetite and anal fissures.

In youngsters, bowel problems is typically caused by cow’s milk, diet that’s low in fibre and shortage of enough water or fluids. It could also be caused by poor feeding schedules.

Aside from foods and related issues, bowel problems may also be caused by hirschprung’s illness. This is a congenital intestinal aganglionois, which leads to intractable trots. It is common in boys and youngsters with Downs’s syndrome.

Constipation treatments are available in the shape of drugs. natural ways should be used first before starting on medications. Natural methods include :

* Breastfeeding, avoid cow’s milk as it is heavy to the child’s digestive system. Substitute cow’s milk with soymilk instead

* If the child is grown enough, give foods loaded in fibre

* Give additional water and other fluids as well

Medical drugs work in other ways. They include :

( a ) Bulk forming diuretics. These increase faecal mass, which stimulate peristalsis. They’re superior for long term use. They include bran, ispaghula and sterculia.

( b ) Stimulant diuretics. These increase abdominal motility. They are however not endorsed for use in children. They include bisacodyl, castor oil, glycerine and cascara.

( c ) Faecal softeners. These lubricate impacted faeces and promote bowel action. A good example is liquid paraffin.

( d ) Osmotic purgatives. These promote bowel output by osmotic effect. They include magnesium hydroxide, magnesium sulphate and lactulose.

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