Easy Ways To Lose Weight with Intervals

Posted on May 31, 2010 @ 5:35 am

There’s something shocking that I’m about to tell you: there are those who manage fat reduction while doing cardio only. For the most part, these people are young, males, and have more than average amounts of time to spend exercising. Still cardio won’t help you lose 20 pounds.

You’ll find that this kind of experience with cardiovascular routines is the exception, not the rule.Women can experience fatter thighs as a result of cardiovascular fitness, not matter how much they work.

Sitll, those who are getting some results with cardio aren’t getting the best results they can get.Once more, you’re not going to reach your potential by relying on cardiovascular fitness. In fact, research shows that it makes you want to eat more.

There’s no doubt that there is a minority that has burned pounds using cardio, but there is a much larger majority that has gained weight through cardio.

There’s nothing so disappointing as working out all the time and getting bigger rather than smaller.Research of the type I am discussing demonstrated a distrubing pattern where those doing cardiovascular routines get bigger from eating more. You can talk about this in the weight loss forum.

If you think that’s helpful, than just stick with cardio. It sounds bad to me. How will you reach your goal this way?Another research program revealed that cardio weight-loss in men was limited to an average six-pound reduction in a twelve month period.

You’ll understand that by spending sixty minutes six times weekly is a lot to spend for six pounds in a year.

Once more, studies continue to show that cardiovascular routines are not effective for losing fat.Twice, a comparison between intervals and cardio for weight loss has revealed differences. Consistently, those who work with interval training will lose more fat than anyone doing cardio. So I continue to suggest interval training to promote rapid weight loss.

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