Fundamental Moves For Fantastic Fitness

Posted on April 29, 2010 @ 11:39 pm

Losing weight at home while leaving cardiovascular workouts at the gym, you can get your body shaped into the look you deserve. You can do these movements in a group to get powerful results in a short time period. Results are going to be much better than you could get doing cardio. You can discuss your opinions in the best weight loss forum.

There’s no doubt that the basics are where you are going to need to build a body that you can be proud of.Wye squats are done the same way as typical squatting only that you have to hold your hands over your head in the shape of the letter.

This does the top portion of your back and is particularly good for those who do a lot of sitting at the office using a PC. Next, there’s the push up that will do wonders for your upper body. You can choose from one of the many varieities of push up that can be either with the clenched hand, inclined, declined or even kneeling. You need to pick a version that is compatible with your conditioning. For more tips on this one visit

3rd is the splitting squat that will require one foot to be raised by about a foot behind you.

This will get your gluteals worked, especially with that foot raised in the back. You will also feel this attack the hamstring muscles as you workout. This is a challenging drill, so if you are unable to perform it properly, you should go ahead and perform squats near a vertical surface that you can use to stabilize with.

You will need to be sure to get these splitting squats completed prior to doing the lunge. The fourth part of this routine is climbing mountains. You begin with your body in push up posture and then you move one of your knees up under your torso. When your toes hit the floor, you thrust your leg backward and then move the other one of your knees forward.

While perform this, you should be careful to brace your abdominal muscles and lower your hips.

Finally, you will do the reversing lunge. You’re not going to need to focus on balancing as much with these movements, although your glute muscles will still be attacked.There should be at least eight repetitions for the exercise at each step. Also, you should avoid resting until the entire group has been performed. These exercises will help you lose 20 pounds now.

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