A Body Cleanse Detox Can Do The Body Good

Posted on April 27, 2010 @ 11:39 pm

Many people today are walking around with vital function impaired by too much of too many bad dietary substances. However, it’s possible that a body cleanse to help improve life functions — when done smartly — can help greatly. And, though the idea of a “body cleanse” might sound daunting, it actually isn’t. When it’s done correctly it may result in a restoration of healthy body function that could be surprising.

A serious cleansing of the body involves what’s called a “full body detoxification. This is aimed at eliminating various harmful chemicals or toxins stored in the body that might be responsible for headaches, fatigue and nausea. And though there are a variety of body cleanse techniques, the most common method is actually fairly simple in that a person tries to give up a processed foods, caffeine, white flour and various dairy products.

Accepting the fact that cleansing involves detoxification, it’s also very smart to stop doing any drugs or taking in any alcohol or other potentially harmful products such as cigarettes. These products all contain a wide variety of chemicals and toxins that also need to be eliminated from the body before any meaningful detox regimen can be undertaken.

Just about every expert on the subject of cleansing recommends as well that an effective way to start out cleansing is to do so in a gradual manner. In fact, short-duration fasts seem to show great success. Cutting out all red meats (and all meat, in fact, if possible) along with caffeinated drinks and processed foods and most anything contain sugar, is also important. Fruits and organic juices, water, grains and raw, uncooked vegetable should be substituted.

Keep in mind that modern food makes use of many chemicals and preservatives, in addition to artificial coloring and flavoring. These foods tend to leave toxins and chemicals in the body that don’t usually (at first) actively or significantly impair daily function. But, a person will certainly feel something once they start withdrawing from foods that are heavy in all these chemicals.

Remember that in any cleanse fruits, vegetables, whole grains and water are the most important elements. As far as water goes, it’s also smart to remember that humans need a minimum daily amount of this most essential of elements, the intake of which should also be increased during a cleansing of the body. If possible, purified or natural spring water should be taken in, rather than water that comes from a tap.

Experts remain divided on just how much water should be taken in to maintain adequate hydration. A good general rule of thumb is to try to drink about 8 glasses (in 8 ounce portions) per day. Some experts point out that many raw fruits and vegetables themselves contain water in bulk, so one might be able to get away with just 4 or 5 glasses per day when a diet is high in those two foods.

Any good full body cleanse, carried out intelligently and with a purpose, can indeed improve body function. There are a number effective ways to implement an effective full body cleanse, as well. Never forget that the foundation of a cleanse is a healthy diet that’s balanced and full of whole grains, vegetables, fruits and clean, pure water.

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