Improve traffic with an article submitter

Posted on March 29, 2010 @ 4:53 pm

A web marketer really needs to rely on a number of tools to make online business activity more advantageous. Starting with the keyword search tool, and ending with the automatic article submitter, serious business growth depends on virtual assistants that make work easier. And all processes and efforts meet in one point alone: generating quality traffic to your website. Let’s see how an article submitter can achieve that for your business.

The article submitter distributes content automatically to all the directories where you have opened accounts. The more accounts you have, the better operational conditions for the article submitter. Then, the tool automatically submits the articles, reaching more and more web pages every day. More readers will thus discover your message, and if interested, they will navigate from link to link to your business web site.

Increased article marketing efforts get rewarded by traffic. Many marketers focus on the opt in strategy convincing web surfers to leave their email address for further contact. In time, you will make sales with some of these prospects. With more traffic, you also make money if you use Google Adsense as a variant of your business. Thus, an automatic article submitter brings you more money by improving traffic and hence the online business opportunities.

Your articles create backlinks or links that relate other websites to yours. Search engines take backlinks as recommendations or references that confirm the value of a web site. Search engines prefer to index sites that have gained popularity in a certain web domain. Your article submitter actually creates an increase of business exposure, because web content gets read by more visitors.

We should emphasize one other point here. You should be aware of the fact that the quality of your content has the best relevance of all. Don’t skip any of the article marketing stages, keyword research, article content generation and optimization, because each has a crucial role to play.

The success of your articles should be constantly monitored. Article submission is not complete without monitoring, because your efforts to build traffic will be chaotic. Corrections, adjustments and improvements are a strategic part of the business process.

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