The Advantages Of A Full Body Detox

Posted on March 27, 2010 @ 11:37 pm

Everyday we are exposed to toxins that harm our body and affect our health in different ways. Whether it’s the processed foods we eat, the unclean air we breathe, or the metals in the water we drink, it is hurting our health. A full body detox is an easy and cost effective way to prevent illness and experience immediate results that make us feel better.

1. Alleviates Fatigue – The body gets run down and tired when it houses too much toxin. People often feel like it’s hard to get through the day without a nap and lack the energy to keep going. This is due to lack of exercise and poor diet. A body cleanse detox focuses on the liver and kidneys, which produce energy for the body. When they are clean they run better, making us more energetic.

2. Helps Us Keep Focused – Our mind is directly affected by what goes into our body. If we eat junk, then our mind will function like junk. This includes a lack of focus and memory. Cleansing our body helps to clarify the mind. Toxins impede our ability to think straight, so getting rid of them directly enhances our ability to think with clarity.

3. Boosts Immune System – It takes a lot of energy to house waste. When the body is focused on tackling heavy metals and processed foods it takes time away from fighting other battles, like the common cold. Keeping your body clean can help you gain vitality so your immune system is ample and can take on any virus or bacteria you are exposed to on a daily basis.

4. Chronic Illness Prevention – When there is build up in our organs for long periods of time, it can cause serious problems. For instance, if the colon can’t eliminate properly, and there is constant build up, then it will develop cancer. Simply helping your body to clean itself and flush out the things that harm us can do wonders for preventing long-term effects that could land us in serious trouble.

5. Bloating and Weight Control – Toxins have a lot to do with our weight. When we eat poorly, with things that are high in fat, we retain weight. When we allow the body to flush out things we don’t need, then it can keep its natural shape easier. Heavy foods create a residue in the digestive tract and when it builds up they don’t get digested properly, resulting in bloating. Rinsing out the intestines helps to create positive flora that in turn aids breaking down food and reduces bloating.

6. Healthy Skin – The skin is the window to body health. It is the first organ to show us signs that there is problems within. Dull complexion, acne, rashes and premature aging are signs the body is having problems coping with waste removal. Cleansing allows us to flush out our system and brings a glow back to our outer shell. It can help alleviate things like acne and eczema too.

A full body cleanse is a very good way to ensure a long and healthy life. To do a full body cleanse for one week, one or two times a year, is efficient enough to help us maintain good energy levels, active brain function, strong immunity, long term prevention, weight management and give us healthy skin. They can be assisted by experts or done with simple elements from your own kitchen, so ask a nutritionist for information and take control of your health today!

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