Extenze “Free Trial”

Posted on March 26, 2010 @ 10:40 pm

I am sure you have heard of Extenze. Whether you have ever had a problem with male enhancement or not, the commercials and advertisements are everywhere. These all natural male enhancement products are designed to help a man achieve sexual satisfaction, and also to bring pleasure to his mate. At least that is what the ads articulate.
Some of the all natural male enhancement product whIch I have came across along my enquiry do feature really beneficial completely natural herbs and minerals which are safe to use. These supplements show promise in the area of safe, effective, all natural male enhancement.
Extenze shows this promise to an extent, only on that point are dangers and merchandising practices which you should be mindful of. But 1st, let’s be reasonable and start back to the positive things that Extenze has going for it. Number one, they do give quality ingredients that can unquestionably handle many problems an adult male may experience when he gets over 45-50 years of age. It contains various herbs which function as aphrodisiacs, and others which will increase bloodfloe to engorge the male phallus. However, it also contains yohimbe which has very dangerous side effects that have been flagged by the FDA.
Another serious issue that I had when I read more of Extenze’s website, was their selling methods. They claim to have sold millions of packages, and they in all likelihood they have however I am not for certain that all of the consumers intended to purchase those bottles. Almost in all probability, many of them thought that they were merely signing up for a complimentary tryout. Here is why I say this…I am going to quote this directly from their ad…

If you don’t experience real growth in both length and girth* with ExtenZe®, or you are not satisfied for any reason with ExtenZe®, just return the packaging for a complete refund.

Remember, with our guarantee, if ExtenZe® doesn’t make your penis larger, you get your money back.

Ordering ExtenZe®

Trying ExtenZe® is easy. Try it risk-free for one week¦ just pay 97 cents for postage and enroll in our maintenance program, and we’ll automatically send you a new 30-day supply every month for only $43.95 plus $6.95 postage and handling.

If you do not want to continue to receive your automatic shipments of ExtenZe®, all you have to do is call our Customer Service Department at 626-440-7274 or fax your request to 626-440-9138.

We’re sure that you will love ExtenZe®. That is why we’re making this offer completely risk-free.

*Temporary increase in size while you use ExtenZe®. Individual results may vary.

Therefore, as you can ascertain, although a client may intend that he is acquiring a “complimentary trial run” he is in reality purchasing the merchandise. That fact, as well as the yohimbe makes me mistrustful of this merchandise.

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