Dont Binge Drink

Posted on February 27, 2010 @ 12:37 am

The 18-25 year olds used to be the main cause of all of the binge drinking, but the question to ask, is this still the case. Binge drinking is not just a problem for people in the UK but across the world and it is certainly not something that just the younger generations are doing now?

One of the big things is that a recent study has shown that women binge drinkers are on the rise and that the amount of men that are binge drinking has fallen. It would seem that women have actually become more dangerous when they are out and about as they become more and more violent and it is this it would seem that is proving to be a big problem.

What is the reason that more and more women are going out to get drunk?

Well pricing of drinks has a lot to do with it and many places offer discounts to students and some even have every drink including things like shots for just £1. This is doing nothing more than encouraging people to binge drink and it is something that has started to cause real problems here in Britain.

However it is not just the young people that are doing this. The terrible thing is that Britain is seeing a big rise in the amount of people over 25 that are binge drinking. This could be partly because of cheap drinks but I think the blame should be put on the better clubs that are opening left right and centre with better pub furniture and club furniture.

These clubs are not a bad thing as it is perfectly acceptable to go and have a good time but binge drinking is just not necessary and the older people need to be setting an example rather than start to take part in it too.

Next time you are in a club make sure you don’t drink all of the time, have a bit of a rest on one of the lounge chairs and stop those drinking habits!

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