Learn To Use The Glycemic Index To Lose Weight Fast

Posted on February 24, 2010 @ 12:37 am

The speed at which the body converts carbs into sugar is measured by a defined scale. This measurement was originally developed for diabetics to help keep track of blood sugar.

Lately, the health and fitness industries have been looking hard at the index. There have even been books written about dieting that reference the GI for weight loss. Don’t subscribe to these ideas as a way around doing six pack ab exercises.

Diets that loook at the GI put food such as carrots and grape juice on the “bad” list. They say that because the foods that are higher on the GI are taken into the blood more quickly than foods that are lower.

When food is absorbed faster, that makes more of it become stored as fat or cause complications.

Choices such as apples and oatmeal are favored by Glycemic Index dieticians since they are lower on the chart and don’t increase blood sugar so fast.People interested in losing pounds may develop a fault if they emphasize the Glycemic index too much.

The best use of the GI is to help choose food for after exercising.A big issue is that the GI takes for granted that carbohydrates are taken in after a fast.

What dieters should do is eat a little bit frequently during daytime. You can see what the say about this on the weight loss forum.

To change what your body is composed of you need to have carbs together with proteins.The GI becomes less important when you do that.

Rather than using the Clycemic Index to make food choices, try selecting unprocessed food over that which has been processed.

Fat is reduced when body builders use food that is on the top ot the index to get more lean. So you can see that high GI food doesn’t necessarily make you fat. Keep in mind that you want to burn more calories than you consume to become more lean.

Don’t get derailed by someone who is hyped up about GI: focus on the principles you have already learned.

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