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Achieving Financial Abundance

Posted By stevenlocke on February 28, 2010 @ 5:48 pm

Definition of Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is a word that has taken primacy in the 21st century. It is a term that describes a way of life that is purely planned where no one is required to work for revenue to cover their expenses. Financial abundance perpetuates that one can be free of the responsibilities of money as long as he has set a life defining plan to handle his finances.

This concept does not mean that one is free of debt. However, it contends that debt can be defined as an expense. While debt is a constant financial consideration, a person who has acquired financial freedom is allowed to mark debt as a part of his expenses rather than a weight to his financial goals.

Being financially free is a misconception for being rich. While we know that rich people have a number of million dollars in account, their overhead long run costs could mean that they are not as financially independent as they seem. Therefore this concept is a concept familiar to your standard of living and the quantity of money you have to cover it. In this point of view, financial freedom is not as hard to achieve as first imagined.

Financial Freedom is Time Freedom

For other people, to be financially free is equivalent to having an expanded leisure time. The concept of time is money comes into play. In reality, a financially independent person will see that money is time. Once you are able to develop a sense of time freedom, then that means you are in a positive direction to acquire financial independence.

This principle makes ones finances less of a concern. Defined differently, financial freedom allows someone to take time on activities without trading your free time for income. It hinges on tradable assets that compound over time to cover for regular expenses. Thus, wealth is created which generates more time and money. It allows people to cut their working hours with no loss of income because of money making activities.

Achieving Financial Freedom

This idea requires a different mindset. In our classic college education, we are taught to work for money. Therefore, we put in time to work and then we get our income. This is the famous time for money swap. However, financial freedom removes the concept of time-and-money-swap and allows an individual to make money work for them.

Achieving this status involves a different shift in lifestyle and overall mindset. While it is easy to think about having more time to invest and create a business, most office workers still find that whatever amount of time that they have should be placed in a routine. A critical step in achieving financial independence is realizing that there are ways to make better use of ones time.

To achieve financial freedom, fundamental attitudes about the concept of money need to be changed. Realizing that wealth is only a mean to achieve an end is one thing. Knowing that no one should be judged depending on the amount of money they own is another. Judging this freedom as the amount of money held defeats the purpose because in the end, you will not achieve this if you are not satisfied with the money that you have. Remember that this concept is also a personal perception. This perception is highly related to the level of satisfaction that money brings.

On another side of the coin, we should also remove the negative perception of money. While the saying that “money is the root of all evil” seems appropriate, thinking that this is always the case will provide a repellent view about creating wealth. Always put into heart that financial freedom is a wholesome endeavour as long as one feels it is ethically good to make money. In the end, having the right attitude about money will go a long way in dealing with different perceptions of this concept. Financial abundance is ultimately a state of mind.

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Powerful Dumbbell Workouts

Posted By jpull on @ 12:38 am

Get out of a rut and freeing yourself from boredom may require something different, like complexes. The concept behind complexes is the completion of a sequence of exercises as part of a set rather than merely a repetition of one exercise. Complexes are how to lose weight fast. Continue Reading »
Powerful Dumbbell Workouts

Selling Gold Jewellery- Selling Your Gold Jewellery For The Highest Return Without Being Scammed Unaware

Posted By stevenlocke on February 27, 2010 @ 9:11 am

You should know that it is no longer the question of if you should sell your gold, but where to sell gold. The price of gold has reached an all-time high at this moment. Real estate, the stock market, and the US dollar have proven many times over that they are not as dependable as we once predicted that they would be. But then there is gold. Gold has always been, continues to be, and will always remain a rock solid investment, for as long as people continue to value gold, in the inevitable future.

So the motivating factor of where to sell gold depends upon where you can get the most competitive offer for it. The last thing you want to do is sell your gold to someshrewd pawn shop or jewellery exchange that would swindle you out of the true value of your trade-in. At the end of the day, even a jewellery retailer needs to make a buck too, right? After all, a retailer is going to basically take your gold and attempt to resell it… the old buy low, sell high tactic. It’s his job to pay as less as possible for your gold so that he can flip the same item for as high as possible, to make a profit.

The ideal location for selling gold jewellery is to a gold refinery. Why? Because they will take your gold and melt it down, and sell it at wholesale or as as appropriate. Gold refineries are not in the retail business. They don’t take your product and resell it. They are essentially a wholesale distributor of raw gold. There is no middle-man, therefore the profit margins are much higher, and therefore they can afford to offer you maximum cash for your gold.

In fact, you can expect to get about three hundred percent more for your gold through gold refineries than you would if you were to sell it at retail.

The icing on the cake is that these companies are haggle-free. They offer a rapid estimate and issue payment to you expediently. You don’t have to fear being cheated, because you aren’t. You are getting the highest payout possible, while still leaving room for the refinery to profit as well.

So it really is best to do your homework before you make a decision about who to sell it to. Just makesure that you are not dealing with some gold “dealership”. Just be sure you are not giving your gold to some shady business that is out there to take your jewellery and run.

If you own gold, then you should know that you actually retain the upper hand in any negotiation. Gold is a scarce resource. You have something that THEY want. They want your gold. So you should not settle for what pittance they are only willing to give you. You need know the true worth of your gold.

And that is what makes the refinery the best placefor selling gold jewellery

Dont Binge Drink

Posted By jpull on @ 12:37 am

The 18-25 year olds used to be the main cause of all of the binge drinking, but the question to ask, is this still the case. Binge drinking is not just a problem for people in the UK but across the world and it is certainly not something that just the younger generations are doing now?

One of the big things is that a recent study has shown that women binge drinkers are on the rise and that the amount of men that are binge drinking has fallen. Continue Reading »
Dont Binge Drink

Find a No Credit Check Apartment Simply with These Tips

Posted By stevenlocke on February 26, 2010 @ 2:09 am

Buying an apartment without a loan is not possible by everyone.However just like you have to look for the right lender to get a loan, you have to also exercise caution when renting apartments.With a good credit score, you will not face many problems finding an apartment as you will easily be approved for an apartment.

Those with bad credit scores have to however opt for a no credit check apartment.This avoids having to get cash to pay for the apartment, have someone oblige to co-sign for the apartment and eventually look somewhere else for an apartment.

As owners don’t advertise much about their no credit check apartments, it will not be easy for one with bad credit to find one.

The owners of these no credit check apartments are usually individual owners and not some large, property management company.It is because these individual landlords have only one or two properties to rent that they are not that particular about carrying out credit checks whenever they rent out their no credit check apartment.

It is usually the large property owners with large apartment buildings who are particular about carrying out credit checks as they don’t want to take the risk of renting out their apartment to people who will not be able to pay timely rent.In fact, it is apartments having many amenities, and are owned by large property companies that usually carry out credit checks.It is thus better to avoid apartments with pools and gyms when you look for no credit check apartments.

As individually owned apartments haven’t gone through the agony of tenants failing in paying their rents, they don’t consider checking credit scores so important.This proves that there are many no credit check apartments.Just follow these tips to find them, especially if you suffer from bad credit.

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How To Get Initiated into Fitness

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The all time most important thing to have at a weight-loss camp is energetic enthusiasm. Members going to the camp to have a lot of fun and to get away from some of the problems that deal with in their lives. They also might want to lose 20 pounds. Continue Reading »
How To Get Initiated into Fitness

Christian Debt Counseling to Ease Your Burden

Posted By stevenlocke on February 25, 2010 @ 6:40 am

There are a number of companies that provide Christian debt counseling services and use Christian principles in negotiating with the creditors and in advising their clients.  It would indeed be very helpful for the borrower because having a substantial amount of debt is not only about the financial burden but also carries with it some degree of shame and guilt.  Christian debt counseling may be helpful in eliminating the stress but it is also advisable to ensure that the provider that you are dealing with is legitimate.  It always makes sense to check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints about this particular company and thus avoid becoming one of the victims of Christian pretenders.

If found to be legitimate, Christian debt counseling services can bring down your monthly payments, do away with over-the-limit fees and late penalty charges, and substantially decrease interest rates.  They would be capable of transacting with the creditors for the reduction of interest rates and your monthly payments.  They may also negotiate with the finance companies for the elimination of penalties that they usually apply when you are over-the-limit or when you are late in your payments.

A trained credit counselor of the Christian debt counseling company will examine the history of the borrower’s budget, payments and debt.  The counselor will develop a repayment schedule that ensures that the monthly payments are affordable for the borrower.  And for consumers with multiple loans with high interest rates, the counseling firm may look into the possibility of getting a consolidation loan that will be used to pay off all of these loans.  The consolidation loan may either be unsecured or secured but the secured type has the benefit of having a lower interest rate and should be used if the borrower owns a property, such as a home, that can be used as collateral.  However, care should be taken because the debtor could lose his or her home if payments are not made, although proper debt management strategies may make this unlikely.

The Christian debt counseling service provider may also arrange for a debt settlement when the amount that is due is substantial.  The decrease in the amount to be paid may be as large as 60 percent for service providers that are well-experienced and for certain situations.  This is a popular way of settling debt because of the huge amount of savings that will allow the debtor to eliminate his or her debts much quicker.  The creditors usually consent to the reduction if they realize that the consumer has reached the condition where he or she might file for bankruptcy. Stop by for more information

Advantages of Hair Drug Testing

Posted By jpull on @ 12:38 am

There are many reasons that you may end up being required to undergo drug testing. Many employers require potential employees to agree to some type of drug testing such as a hair follicle drug test to make sure that they do not take drugs. Drugs can affect an individuals ability to perform work by affecting their judgment and causing various physical and psychological problems. Continue Reading »
Advantages of Hair Drug Testing

Global Warming Truth or Fantasy?

Posted By stevenlocke on February 24, 2010 @ 7:52 am

There appears to be quite a bit of debate about the phenomenon known as ‘global warming’. Does it exist or does it not exist?

As in many great debates there appears to be multiple opinions about the issue. A few years ago, Al Gore won a Nobel Peace Prize for his work (film) on global warming. Yet, many scientists have come out to say there is no evidence of global warming. In fact, the prestigious NASA, with its vast array of intellectual capital and high caliber scientists seems to be saying there is no evidence of it.


Then the scandal broke. A flurry of emails were ‘stolen’ and made public. The emails seemed to indicate that someone or some group of people is trying very hard to make a real scientific case for global warming. The emails seemed to show that they were overreaching the normal parameters of real science to come to their ‘conclusion’ and convince others too

Some people today are too young to remember, including myself, but it has been said that thirty years ago, we were being told that we were headed for an ice age. Now, suddenly we have been alerted that the polar caps are melting, that sea levels will rise and that there will be resultant disaster – unless we spend a lot of money to fix the problem now.


Those watching the debate say that ‘fixing’ the problem means sending an awful lot of money to third world countries. Meanwhile, some of the bigger industrialized countries talk about curbing their emissions, but do not actually appear to be willing to do so. Seems that those countries are not fully convinced that global warming exists or is a problem. If they were convinced, would they not get busy solving the problem?


There appears to be doubt. For the proponents of the global warming phenomenon, it does appear that providing some very definitive proof would benefit them in getting these ‘hold out’ nations to take action.

I am not taking sides within this article. However, I know that there are many people who are very passionate about their position on global warming. You tell me. Is global warming a real phenomenon or not? Why do you think that it is or is not?

Learn To Use The Glycemic Index To Lose Weight Fast

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The speed at which the body converts carbs into sugar is measured by a defined scale. This measurement was originally developed for diabetics to help keep track of blood sugar.

Lately, the health and fitness industries have been looking hard at the index. Continue Reading »
Learn To Use The Glycemic Index To Lose Weight Fast

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