Obtaining Cheaper Phone Calls

Posted on January 29, 2010 @ 10:39 am

So Dubai is struggling to repay its debts – who didn’t see that one coming? Gold plated this gold plated that – it is one thing to be flash but you need to be able to pay the money back at the end of the day. At the end of the day Dubai are not alone in finding things a little troublesome at the current time. Many of us are in need of a little help and this is where we need to start becoming a little more prudent with our finances.

I used to work for a very professional group of cost reduction experts; they would help businesses as well as individuals to save money on their monthly bills – from cleaning to obtaining cheap mobile calls they knew about cost cutting.

The most popular form of saving money is known by obtain cheaper telephone call rates. These charges vary greatly between companies and it is very much worth the effort to shop around in the quest to find an organisation that will grant you cheap calls.

Then we come to the utilities; the gas and the electric. Yet again by doing a bit of homework and by making a few enquiries could help us save a small fortune.

What about our savings? What rate of interest are you receiving for your savings? Is it a competitive rate in comparison to other banks and building societies? You will be surprised just how many people are on rates as low as 0.1% and have no idea that they are only getting back this small amount.

Now I am not involved in any of these industries anymore and I am merely writing this article to make people think about ways in which they can improve their finances. I am now working in a career selling external doors and I also offer a web promotion service on a part time basis.

As you have seen from the above paragraphs there are many ways of saving money for those of us who are willing to spend a little bit of time sourcing the best deals.


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