How A Simple Meal Packs So Much Weight Loss Nutrition

Posted on December 30, 2009 @ 6:41 pm

Meals for Muscles

Here’s a special meal that builds muscle, coming in the form of a salad.Men will love this salad once they give it a try, though they might hesitate at first. This salad contains healthy foods to eat for those who want to know how to lose weight fast while building muscle.

This salad does not save you calories: it is not low fat: it is not low-carb. This salad isn’t low on anything, but it is very high in everything that is good for your body.

You won’t have any cravings with a salad because your appetite will be satisfied for hours after you eat. Here is my special recipe for the ultimate muscle building salad:
* 1 or 2 cups of spinach (leaves)
* 1 to 2 cups of lettuce (leaf)
* carrots (shredded)
* one half of a diced avocado
* two organically sourced hard-boiled eggs
* 3 tablespoons of chopped pecans
* one quarter of a cup of dried cranberries
* top it off with dressing that is 75% balsamic vinegar, with the rest being olive oil, and Udo’s oil blend

You’ll end up with a nutritious salad once this is all mixed up.

You get 650 calories, 20 g of protein 48 g of carbs 12 g of fiber and 45 g of fat from the salad.

You should adjust this for your required intake of calories before calling me crazy for recommending this salad.

Since I’ve taken about 3000 calories a day, you want to cut this back to two thirds if you only do 2000 calories per day.The fat content of this salad is the healthy kind, so it’s good for you, even the eggs.

As far as the carbohydrates go you’ve got one quarter of them in fiber, so that’s pretty good.Because of the fats and proteins, your body will have a healthy response and control levels of sugar in your blood.

The protein in the salad is used well by the body because it is enhanced through the natural fats.Your muscle building efforts will be enhanced with this awesome meal plan.

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