Can You Eat Takeaways When Trying To Be Healthy?

Posted on November 29, 2009 @ 6:38 pm

This isn’t something that is going to tell you that you should cut back all of that chocolate, crisps and biscuits Or try and stop you from reaching for your favourite Indian takeaway menu. It adds to this by explaining all of the foods you should be eating on top of this to make sure your body receives everything it needs to plough through.

Do you know what the food wheel is all about? In basic terms it is a graph of all of the food that the body needs to stay active and healthy, and even the fatty stuff is needed. Some of the other on the list include dairy, meat and fruit. Of within these food is another set that include protein and calcium.

So when you are eating that chinese takeaway do not just think to yourself ill leave it at that, mix it up a bit. The next day cook a bit of cod or salmon to give yourself some protein and have a bit of a salad with it to make sure you get the right nutrients.

The thing is when you diet it is very hard to get everything you need to stay fit and healthy. Many people will exercise for hours and eat very little and many other will exercise then eat something that is very unhealthy and all you are getting are the body fats. A diet is not actually what you think it is.

A diet is really the food that your body takes in to use. If you are stopping this then it is starvation of the body, not a diet. There is a very fine line between being on a diet and stopping your body from getting the all important nutrients it needs. Still there are things out there that you can take to make sure your body gets what it needs and they can often be found on an online heath stores.

Efamol is a product that does just this as it allows the body to have the good fats it needs whilst denying it the bad ones that make the stomach and other parts of the body build up fatty residues. If its indigestion you suffer from then buy Silcea, it is what you need to help get rid of that inflammation.

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