The Different Kinds Of Auto Insurance

Posted on November 28, 2009 @ 4:27 am

Save with free online car insurance quote. The three categories of car insurance, car damage and loss of each or designed to address the different aspects, is available because of use of the car.

In most states, the law requires that you have carry liability insurance for your car, which makes it the most common type of car insurance. By definition, liability insurance is limited, and in an accident it applies to the damage incurred by others.

Liability insurance only covers damage to the property or other person that you may inflict with your vehicle while it is in use, it doesn’t cover you or your property at all, which is why you can add on other portions of insurance to get full coverage. The most general and well known insurance is collision insurance. But includes damages to the owner’s car as well as to any other car damaged and the collision insurance essentially covers the issues dealt with in liability insurance. It covers the driver and the car instead of covering only other people.

Some plans will cover a rental car but it isn’t likely that it will cover a car that is borrowed from a friend or neighbor. collision is nothing but accident. in some cases the definition of accident may be involved by animals etc.,

Comprehensive insurance is the next category of insurance. A comprehensive policy covers collisions and beyond, providing coverage for a broad array of potential vehicle damage. Various policies cover a range of hazards: coverage for theft and fire are quite typical.

Depending on your specific environment you may or may not need extra protection against vandalism, weather damage, and even animals – like deer – that may come near certain roads at any given time of the year.

The last grouping should be called “miscellaneous”. Different types of policies are available to cover different hazards and an array of vehicle types. You can also insure your automobile against what is called “loss of use.” (when it is being fixed, for instance), and to be prepared for situations involving collisions with drivers carrying little or no insurance. You can get coverage for the possessions in your vehicle. With comprehensive insurance, each part added to the coverage increases the cost.

To understand what’s your insurance, if you choose a supplier, a specific program, you need to do some research first. Make sure you shop around by making calls to different companies and reading through pamphlets you come across that cover a particular plan you are interested in.

Of course you should perform a web search, which is the simplest, most valid and extensive way to make comparisons. Start soliciting quotes regarding price and once you have a sense of what you want. Either create more than one check on the web or do it the traditional way.

Armed with price comparisons and policies, you can make a smart and satisfying choice of coverage.

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