Brian Tracy-Is This Success Guru Popular For Good Reasons?

Posted on October 27, 2009 @ 12:29 pm

Does the name Brian Tracy ring a bell? When I first encountered his name, I had no clue who he was or that he was so important in the self-help world. After being asked to attend one of his seminars by my boss I decided to do some further research of my own and I quickly saw that his knowledge base was bigger than you can imagine. Nonetheless, sitting through a long seminar with him discussing his own achievements and credentials was not something I wanted to be doing.

However, I decided to go and after listening to his expertise on financial matters, personal development, and self-help strategies, my initial perception of him changed. It wasn’t about the four thousand seminars he’s lectured, or the fact that he works closely with major corporations like ours in the United States. It was his ability to open my mind to bigger and better things, and realizing I had tunnel vision regarding my own personal situations.

I am well aware that much of the self-help videos, audios, books and different programs out there never really do what they promise, but the Brian Tracy information was simply extraordinary. A key element that is frequently not noticed is the misconception that the self-help expert will make changes in your life on your behalf.

Nevertheless, the focus is on you to make the difference and an individual like Brian Tracy is just there to help you down the right road.

One of the most educational methods I was taught when listening to him was the step-by-step method of accomplishing your goals. He asked us to write on a piece of paper the 10 largest goals we wished to work on. When the list was finished, we had to circle the goal that would have the biggest affect on our life, right now, or in the next 24 hours.

In my case it was paying off my credit card debt, which would open up my finances and allow me to do more (vacations, purchase a new car, etc.). So then we had to write this goal on the other side of the paper at the top, and then list all the ways to achieve this goal. The mindset was to make you work towards the goal by completing each part of the list. Then of course he stressed that we needed to work on it everyday.

Even though when I first heard this it sounded like common sense, the fact was I wasn’t obtaining any goals. The main reason was due to not seeing them in front of me, and just thinking about all of them throughout the day. You will hear him explain this, and actually tell you to set a deadline for your goal to make you work towards it.

There are plenty of additional topics discussed in the seminar, and I still watch my videos for knowledge and inspiration and the feeling that things are taking shape in life. I would recommend the teachings of Brian Tracy to anybody because the information is very valuable to people that have the desire for positive changes in life.

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