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HUD Foreclosure: Simple Ways Of Ignoring Foreclosure

Posted By stevenlocke on October 31, 2009 @ 2:06 am

HUD Foreclosure: Simple Ways To Avoid Foreclosure

Despite some news that economy is on the way to recovery, HUD foreclosures all over the country are still rising. A lot of people are losing their homes everyday due to foreclosures and many of these people will not be able to own another home in the next couple of years or so. Even when the economy has fully recovered and people do get their jobs back, buying a new home maybe not be than easy for everyone. Try to save your property as buying a new home is not easy. Losing your home to HUD foreclosure is such a traumatic experience for the whole family so you should do your very best to protect your loved ones against such painful experience. To help you ward off HUD home foreclosures, here is what you must do.

Know Your Rights With Respect To HUD Foreclosure

If you are so concerned about preventing HUD foreclosure, you should make it a point to know your rights. The Housing and Urban Development (HUD) department has housing counselors who can help you understand your rights so if you are worried that HUD foreclosure is coming your way, you should contract a HUD counselor and know your rights. Do not worry, HUD counselors do not charge much for their services. In fact, you may be able to get their services for free if you fall over a certain category. The HUD office can make you known whether you are qualified for free services or not.

HUD Foreclosure And Dealing With Your Creditors

HUD foreclosure sounds bad but you can prevent it if you want to. A lot of home owners lose their homes because they ignored their creditors’ warnings. If you have missed your mortgage payments and you have no way of making that payment within the month, you should not run and hide from your creditors. One must not neglect the collection letters sent by the bank and must describe the bank about the reasons for which he cannot make the payment for the month. Most Online banks are not so eager to foreclose properties these days and if you can show these banks that you are willing to pay your mortgage arrears within a given period of time, they will be willing to grant you that much needed grace period. The key here is to show your creditors that you are willing to pay and that you are willing to make adjustments in your finances to be able to make those payments in the near future.

Cancer Study Shows Positive Effects of Spa Treatments

Posted By jpull on October 30, 2009 @ 6:36 pm

Firstly, let me point out that the results that were released by the Health Spa Commission in the UK do not claim that spa treatments should in any way replace traditional cancer treatments. However, the results do point out that methods other than standard medicine can have positive effects and should be considered.

The study was carried out over 5 years and followed over 2000 men and women who were battling different forms of cancer. Continue Reading »
Cancer Study Shows Positive Effects of Spa Treatments

The Basics Of Stock Markets

Posted By stevenlocke on @ 3:12 am

Brough to you by trend trading stocks.

The term ‘stock Market’ is commonly used to encompass both the physical location for buying and selling shares as well as the overall activity of the market within a certain country. When we hear an expression such as ‘The stock market was down today’ it refers to the combined activity of many stock exchanges i.e. the New York stock Exchange (NYSE), Nasdaq etc. in the United States.

The ‘stock Exchange’ is the correct term for the physical location for trading shares. Each country may have many different share exchanges and usually a particular company’s stocks are traded on only one exchange, although large corporations may be listed in several different locations.

stock exchanges exist throughout the world and it is possible to buy or sell stocks on any of them. The only restriction is the opening hours of each exchange. Both the NYSE and Nasdaq for example operate from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time from Monday to Friday. Other exchanges have similar opening hours based on their local time. If you want to trade on the Hong Kong share Exchange your order will be executed sometime between 9:30 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. New York time.

The major stock exchanges of the world are located in Japan (Tokyo stock Exchange), India (Bombay stock Exchange), Europe (London share Exchange, Frankfurt stock Exchange, SWX Swiss Exchange), the People’s Republic of China (Shanghai share Exchange) and the United States.  The major exchanges in the US are the NYSE, Nasdaq, and Amex.

stock markets closely follow the economic health of a country. When the economy is doing well the market is bullish.  Bull markets occur during times of high economic production, low unemployment and low inflation. Bear markets, on the other hand, follow downtrends in the economy. Inflation and unemployment are rising and stock prices are falling.

Fluctuations in stock prices are also driven by supply and demand, which in turn are determined to a large extent on investor psychology. Seeing a share rise in price may cause investors to jump on the bandwagon and this rush to buy drives the price even faster. A falling price can have the same effect. These are short term fluctuations. share prices tend to normalize after such runs.

The share exchange is only one of many opportunities to invest. Other popular markets include the Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX), the Futures Market, and the Options Market.

The FOREX is the biggest (in terms of value of trades) investment market in the world. FOREX traders buy one currency against another and can profit from small changes in value. Most FOREX trades are entered and exited in one 24 hour span, and traders have to keep a close watch on the market in order to make profitable trades.

The Futures Market is a market of contracts to buy and sell goods at specified prices and times. It exists because buyers and sellers of goods wish to lock in prices for future delivery, but market conditions can make the actual futures contract fluctuate considerably in value. Most investors in the futures market are not interested in the actual goods – only in the profit that can be realized in trading the contracts.

The Options Market is similar to the Futures Market in that an option is a contract that gives you the right (but not the obligation) to trade a share at a certain price before a specified date. They can be traded on their own or purchased as a form of insurance against price fluctuations within a certain time frame.

All three of these markets are quite risky and require considerable knowledge and experience to prevent substantial losses. They also require close attention to market movements. shares, on the other hand, are less risky because movements of the market are usually gradual. Although short term investment strategies are possible, most view shares as long term investments.

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Losing my Man Boob Menace

Posted By jpull on October 29, 2009 @ 6:36 pm

Slow Motion Belly Slap & Man Boobs

I first developed these unsightly breasts when I was a spotty, fat fifteen year old. The embarassment they caused me resulted in my making a vow never to take my shirt off in public again.

That was over thirty years ago and I’ve stuck to my vow. Continue Reading »
Losing my Man Boob Menace

A look at your options for managing multiple debts

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After years of careless lending and borrowing we have all woken up to the problems of debt. To some it seemed obvious that we could not go on expecting the cost of houses to continue rising at several percentage points each month. A financial crash was sure to happen because so much borrowed money was secured on the assumed rising value of property and when borrowers reached their borrowing limits it all came crashing down.

Now, we have so many people who have debts they can’t deal with and they need debt problem help. They are struggling to make their monthly repayments and have little chance of paying off their debts. It is a difficult situation for anyone to find themselves in and it is not always through careless or thoughtless actions. Life throws things at you and ill health, redundancy and divorce are very common reasons why people start to struggle with what are now overwhelming debt repayments.

Any of us could wake up one day and face these problems and if that day arrives we will be looking for some help from somewhere. Bankruptcy may be an option to wipe away your debts but your record will show a poor credit score and it can continue for up to ten years. This will probably prevent you from obtaining credit when you need it in the future. So rather than filing for bankruptcy you might want to consider some other options to assist with a credit fix and personal debt relief.

Debt consolidation loans are usually the first thing people think of when they need to deal with their debts. Getting a loan usually requires you to have a significant amount of your own money invested in the property used for security. Figuring out how much you need to borrow is simply done by adding up all your outstanding debts. Over the years you might have got yourself several different types of loan as well as your credit card debts. Next you need to know how much your current monthly payments are. You should find that the repayments on your consolidated loan work out to be about the same or even less than the previous figure. A consolidation loans biggest benefit is usually that the interest rates are lower and over time you should end up paying much less in interest charges on your debt. You repayments should work out to be less than you were paying before and you only have to make one payment each month which makes managing your money a whole lot easier.

An alternative option is to work with a debt relief agency to sort out your debts. Your creditors will be contacted by the agency and they will make an arrangement to pay lower monthly repayments. Each month you will have a predetermined amount you have to pay them. A monthly payment will be required and from this they will make payments to all your different creditors each month. You can do pretty much all of this yourself if you want to but most people seem to prefer having professionals doing it for them.

You only have to make the one repayment if you decide to go with a debt relief agency. So it becomes a lot simpler because each month you now only have to send one repayment instead of individual ones for each of your creditors.

Make sure you understand what got you into financial difficulties so you never do the same thing again in the future. If your financial problems were caused by credit cards the wisest thing would be to cut them all up. For anyone who is really serious about managing their finances and their debts dramatic moves like this can be a big help.

If you feel it is important you can keep one card and only use it in emergency situations. One way of doing this but avoiding temptation is to store the card in a safe yet out of the way place. One great trick is to freeze it in a block of ice. This way works because you have to wait for the ice to melt before you get access to your card if you store it in ice. This way you will get the time you need to decide if you really do want to use your credit card. Now this may seem rather an extreme thing to be doing but if you are someone who has in the past had problems with overspending this can help you control that problem.

Popping Pimples the right manner

Posted By jpull on October 28, 2009 @ 10:36 pm

Some people might tell you that the best thing to do is let your body deal with the pimple on its own without popping, sooner or later, the pimple will go away on its own. Well….. this deal works but some pimples seem to never go away and do we really want to walk around with a bulging white zit for the world to see? Continue Reading »
Popping Pimples the right manner

Best Rates Credit Cards

Posted By stevenlocke on @ 9:52 am

All of us want to get the best credit card rate possible for the credit cards we carry. People don’t generally care too much about the brand of the card just so long as they can get the very best and lowest rate available. The payments and the fees involved are the big factors that will impact whether they can pay back the debts. Finding the best credit card rate will takes some time, but the pay off is that you’ll know before making your first purchase exactly what to expect. There are two steps involved in obtaining the best credit card rates.

The first step is determining the credit card type you will qualify for. One of the first things you will need to know is your FICO score, this is available through credit monitoring agencies. Scores of over 700 are considered low risk, between 620 and 659 are of moderate risk, and 619 and below are considered a high risk. Your risk level will determine the terms credit card companies will offer you. One of the values of having a good credit score is that you’ll be eligible for lower interest rates and it’s generally easier to get a company willing to extend you credit.

The next step is to search for the best credit card rate. After determining what type of credit card you’re qualified for, and you know this because you now know your credit score. Basically, your score represents your ability to pay back your debt, the higher your score, the better you look to the credit card company. To obtain a credit card with the best rates you need to shop for it. There are three ways for you to shop for the best credit card rates. The first is to compare interest rates of online. The next way is to look for offers through your mail offers. Finally, the third way is to go to the bank and discuss it directly with them. It is wise that you use the three methods to shop around. You should be able to easily determine who will give you the best rate.

By doing all these things you can be sure to keep more of your hard earned money in your own pocket. You can even apply for credit cards offering incentives like best rewards credit cards. Even if you’ve had problems with bankruptcy you can search for bankruptcy credit cards and find companies that will extend you credit.

Help your baby by going to the spa

Posted By jpull on October 27, 2009 @ 8:37 pm

If like most other people you are not going to have time to visit a spa because you are running a very hectic and busy life. This is where a health spa evening combination could really help you out as these are basically put into place for people with a full time life becauuse as everyone knows it is not easy to run a full time job let alone the house as well as kids.

So there are many spas out there now that offer spa gift vouchers for this very thing. Continue Reading »
Help your baby by going to the spa

Brian Tracy-Is This Success Guru Popular For Good Reasons?

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Does the name Brian Tracy ring a bell? When I first encountered his name, I had no clue who he was or that he was so important in the self-help world. After being asked to attend one of his seminars by my boss I decided to do some further research of my own and I quickly saw that his knowledge base was bigger than you can imagine. Nonetheless, sitting through a long seminar with him discussing his own achievements and credentials was not something I wanted to be doing.

However, I decided to go and after listening to his expertise on financial matters, personal development, and self-help strategies, my initial perception of him changed. It wasn’t about the four thousand seminars he’s lectured, or the fact that he works closely with major corporations like ours in the United States. It was his ability to open my mind to bigger and better things, and realizing I had tunnel vision regarding my own personal situations.

I am well aware that much of the self-help videos, audios, books and different programs out there never really do what they promise, but the Brian Tracy information was simply extraordinary. A key element that is frequently not noticed is the misconception that the self-help expert will make changes in your life on your behalf.

Nevertheless, the focus is on you to make the difference and an individual like Brian Tracy is just there to help you down the right road.

One of the most educational methods I was taught when listening to him was the step-by-step method of accomplishing your goals. He asked us to write on a piece of paper the 10 largest goals we wished to work on. When the list was finished, we had to circle the goal that would have the biggest affect on our life, right now, or in the next 24 hours.

In my case it was paying off my credit card debt, which would open up my finances and allow me to do more (vacations, purchase a new car, etc.). So then we had to write this goal on the other side of the paper at the top, and then list all the ways to achieve this goal. The mindset was to make you work towards the goal by completing each part of the list. Then of course he stressed that we needed to work on it everyday.

Even though when I first heard this it sounded like common sense, the fact was I wasn’t obtaining any goals. The main reason was due to not seeing them in front of me, and just thinking about all of them throughout the day. You will hear him explain this, and actually tell you to set a deadline for your goal to make you work towards it.

There are plenty of additional topics discussed in the seminar, and I still watch my videos for knowledge and inspiration and the feeling that things are taking shape in life. I would recommend the teachings of Brian Tracy to anybody because the information is very valuable to people that have the desire for positive changes in life.

Headaches How To Stave Off Or Minimize Them

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it is normal to suffer from headaches every now and then. A headache is a symptom of a number of {different. Whether it is a secondary or tough headache they can occur more often in some people than others. Continue Reading »
Headaches How To Stave Off Or Minimize Them

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