Spa holiday rescued me!

Posted on September 28, 2009 @ 8:37 am

Over the last 23 years, i have been working in the same monotonous job. I had collected so much holiday time in my job, simply because i never really went anywhere, that it was time to take an extended holiday. Being in accounting i had a day to work too, i generally worked through the entire day, so i was getting very stressed.

I wanted to do something that would help me take my mind off all the problems that I had, and do something that allowed me to enjoy myself. So a friend of mine told me about these new spa holidays that were on offer, called spa holidays abroad. I had never really heard of the so called spa holiday, i mean are they just holidays down the road. My life had become so structured that i decided to just do it!

On the flight I was slightly nervous at to what to expect, I hadnt really thought about what I was going to be doing and had done little research. The plane landed and i was a bit nervous, but as soon as i got outside somebody was waiting to take me to the resort. It was clear my stay here was going to be good, my room was truly stunning and there was a heated pool just outside.

I was invited to have my first spa treatment, a Lulur herbal body scrub. This holiday and the treatments introduced me into a new world. Being so relaxed and chilled out helped me to clear up some things in my head, and find ways to solve problems. This spa resort helped me to see that i didn’t have to just carry on with a job that i didn’t like, i found myself thinking of new job ideas.

As the holiday came to an end I felt as though I was ready to go home, and even look at possible different job prospects. I went to this spa resort two months ago, thanks to the deep cleanse it gave my mind, i have even set up my own business. Bali spa holidays are now a popular destination for a relaxing holiday; they receive visitors from all over the world, or you could try Hong Kong Spa holidays!

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