i need rent money now,

Posted on September 26, 2009 @ 2:40 am

Do you feel like, your current job can do just fine without you?

Your body and mind is numb and your feet hurt because you worked hard all day and you have come to a place you call home at night, only to discover that you will not be getting that sleep you really deserve after all. You will toss and turn again tonight because on the table in the next room, there is pile of bills.

The phone will also ring a couple of times before dawn. Need i say more?

You will toss and turn because you think its about the immediate debt, but believe me, the mind is way smarter than you want to give it credit.

Deep rooted issues that nag you secretely and subtle.

You are no more indispensable at your job place. Most of the time , you will have to clown your way and suck up more in order to stay in the loop.

Your better half does not think you are in control anymore and now and then goes or stays away for a while with other folk for you to sort yourself out. It’s already 3 a.m. and your body finally gives up and you go to sleep but then off goes the faithful alarm always on schedule to wake his master up to rise up and shine.

Whatever the deal is with your debts, you will still have to get to work on time before you lose everything.  And you will have to be on the road in 15 minutes flat else you will hit the traffic, and you remember what happened last time when you were late to pick your son up for school.

OK. It’s time for you to go to work. Day two comes and you’re off again to the usual rat race.You don’t know how to wiggle yourself out of this vicous cycle. Later that night you lay in bed, thinking how you’re going to pay all of these bills. Despite your best efforts on the job, including overtime, it doesn’t seem to be enough. What can you do to avoid total disaster? Who can you to turn to?

Does this resemble your situation? Are you a Christian having sleepless nights because of your finances? Here are the top five reasons I have found why people get into debt:

1) We are not taking the time neede to really understand in detail the people who’s lives we tend to emulate. 2) We refuse to accept the truth about our current Health Care System. If you don’t have money in America, you can die from lack of  appropriate care.~ We have heard of people paying $150 grand a month to have private doctors and they still wind up Dead.3) The only way you can have a three month vacation is when you have your own business. And three months vacaton is what you really need to wind down  4) Divorcing and the other party charged up cards in the process splitting up 5) Impulse Shopping?Well that is only me.

I too was a victim. Debt is like a social virus, it spreads so fast and is very hard to contain. My husband equally had financial woes, his was still on this list. Being in debt has a way of having a hold on you and causes you not to think clearly. People in debt tend to operate out of fear – for example they ignore phone calls because it might be a collection agency on the other end. How many calls have they missed? Or perhaps, they write a check in the hopes that it will clear the bank; knowing full well they spent the money on luxuries and other needless excesses that have caused the bank account to have insufficient funds.

If any of this sounds like you or someone you know, assure them they can get out of debt without filing bankruptcy. They have to want help and not let pride or embarrassment get in their way of being helped.

I refuse to accept the current nonsense about being financial solvent so long as you obtain a degree so long as you dont work for yourself, you are not living the American dream. The economy always dances to the tune of supply and demand. At a certain time, it was the automobile industry,then came the computers and now its going to be the Green Dream Peddlers. The Gold Rush demon has ways of transforming and renewing its image but it is the same story. There are going to be people well placed to profit personally, but making it has nothing to do with saving it.

In a Gold rush, there are those who dig and those who provide services to the digger’s, buyers,and whoever happens to be there.

Why would you pay someone to help you get out of debt?


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