When to look for Anger Management Counseling

Posted on July 31, 2009 @ 8:34 am

Anger.One of most volatile emotions one feels. To some, it happens, but it is not an emotion that takes them over.  It is maybe a slight irritation. It is something they can easily control.

For other people, it can cause rage and an intense fury.When that does happen, it quickly loses control and can turn destructive.This leads to other problems at work, in your personal relationships, and in your general quality of life.

A person is at the mercy of this emotion and its unpredictableness if they let it get out of control.

With my experience in anger management San Diego I would like to explore a couple of ways to control this emotion.

The goal of anger management counseling is to reduce the emotional feelings the physical arousal that anger causes.

First thing you can do is relax.  Some relaxation tools are deep breathing.  You can also you calming images.Another tool is to use slow calming words to repeat to yourself.

Don’t just use these methods for when you are angry.  Try to make it a practice everyday if you feel you have an anger issue.

Second is to change the way you think.Simply put, the anger may cause you to talk loudly, swear, and cause you to express yourself colorfully.These just express your inner thoughts.  What you have to try to do is to replace this angry irrational thoughts with rational ones.

Instead of convincing yourself you have suffered an injustice, let yourself know it is not the end of the world.

Third, communication is something you have to try to do better.  When a person gets angry or in a heated discussion, that is when communication breaks down.  Rather than think about what they are going to say, they say whatever their emotions tell them to say.

Slow down and stop to think about the best ways to comunicate.

Finally, try changing your environment.when we find ourselves angry or frustrated, often times, just stopping and going to another place can change our moods.

This changing of the environment may be enought time to quiet and calm your emotions and then get your anger under control.

Although not all that we can say, these will be good pieces of advice to control anger.  If you find it does not, you will want to go get some professional help maybe with a family therapist San Diego.

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