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The Advantages of Working from Home

Posted By Mandy Close on May 28, 2009 @ 8:16 am
by Rachel Barlow

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular. I work from home and I adore it. I don’t think I could ever work at a salon again, but I must face the possibility that I may have to move my business into commercial premises if it keeps growing like it has in the last few months. Even if parts of my enterprise move out of home, I’ll try to stay at home myself as much as I can.

Times are changing and working from home, particularly for the self-employed or contract workers is becoming more common. It is pointless paying rent for business premises if they are not required. Working from home has many perks.

You can work back late without getting into strife with your family. You can “drop into the office” anytime you like. You can get up really early if the mood takes you and put in a few hours work then go back to bed. But as a massage therapist, there is one feature I really like, all the tax deductions!

You can claim some of your home-running expenses on your tax return. Based on the floor area used for business purposes, you can claim a portion of your mortgage interest, insurance, rates, water, electricity, maintenance and the bulk of your telephone bill as well as depreciation on the carpets, curtains, computer equipment and so on. At the end of the financial year you will be surprised by the list of deductions.

You will also save on travel costs, wear and tear on your car and more importantly wear and tear on you, having not to deal with peak hour or public transport. Not to mention picking up approximately an extra one to two hours per day of work when you don’t have to travel.

There is a downside to working from home. The first problem is family distractions. Kids home from school at three o’clock, a friend at the front door, phone calls for other members of the family.

You also may not have the perfect workspace, or space may be limited. Work space is vitally important, you must have an area set aside purely for business, nothing else, just business. I have found that it’s best also if you can close the door on the weekends and at the end of the day so you can “leave work”.

I think many of the perceptions of people that working from home is “unprofessional” have lapsed into history. The number of major companies that allow their workers to work from home via computers has increased dramatically in recent times. “Outsourcing” has become a commonly used term and this has brought about a spate of self-employed former employees, most of them working from home.

The other problem that many people working from home suffer is motivation and discipline. You must start work everyday just as you would if you were working for someone else.

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In the Market for Great Golf Equipment

Posted By June Karlsson on @ 8:15 am
by June Karlsson

When you begin shopping for good golf equipment, you’ll find that if you know how and where to look, it can be a very rewarding adventure. I’ve stumbled upon great deals a number of times just by dropping by summer yard sales. I’ve seen entire sets for $30. Single woods were $3. Granted, they weren’t the best of the best, but I don’t need the best of the best to play (until such time that I turn pro).

I’d rather toss down a three or four hundred by getting private instruction from a golf pro than to drop $1350 for a mediocre set of clubs. Thrift stores are great for the bargain hunter. Garage sales, auctions, and yard sales will all sell golf clubs at affordable prices. Again, they aren’t exactly out-of-the-box new so you will need to check out the shafts to make sure they haven’t bowed or a disgruntled golfer didn’t throw it (and subsequently bend it when it hit the ground) in anger at missing at slicing the ball onto an entirely different fairway. Still, you should be able to find something reasonable if you look hard enough.

Next place I would seek out is on, the largest online auction site in the world. They have a great business model and you can find really good bargains if you know where to look. As I write this there were over 3000 golf club sets for sale. There were 12,500 golf ball sites that sold golf balls. I even saw a “used golf ball” category. Go online to Ebay and search around, you are sure to find deals. is another quality and reputable site for finding golf clubs at an affordable price. Many may be upgrading their set so they want to offload their clubs and make some money in the process. You have to search for the deals, but you can still find them.

One minor disadvantage to the online sites is that you don’t get to play with the clubs before you buy. Unfortunately you don’t always know for certain what you’re getting. The advantage though is that most major online sites have modest return policies (with plenty of cautions before you actually press Buy).

Finally, online golf sites (not Yahoo-, Ebay- or Amazon-related) are the last place I would turn to in order to find great reconditioned golf equipment. These sites are geared towards golf. Buying from these sites is an area that you need to be cautious about.

You can buy decent equipment at affordable prices but you need to exercise a bit of caution. It’s fine to be cautiously skeptical about your buys. P.T. Barnum said it best: “there’s a sucker born every minute.” And he hadn’t even heard about the online world. Unfortunately, he’s right. You now know that not everyone you deal with online is as honest and trustworthy as you and me. Do some due diligence and read the reviews of the person you are buying from. If he (or she) has a ton of positive reviews, you increase your odds of success. Chances are very good that your purchase will also be very good. Avoid those who have very few buy and/or sell transactions. It doesn’t make the person untrustworthy, it just makes her inexperienced.

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Braces – A Guide to Choosing the Best Orthodontist

Posted By Jerry Carpos on @ 8:15 am
by William Coleman

The initial step to a prettier smile is finding a qualified individual able to provide braces. An orthodontist is qualified as well to give her opinion on matters that do not focus on aesthetic improvement. In the latter part of your life, you could suffer from chronic jaw pain and gum deterioration if your bite hadn’t been aligned properly. In many cases, patients will be referred by their dentist to a professional specializing in orthodontics. If you want to know the best office or orthodontist to call, one who can provide high quality care and teeth braces, this is the article for you.

Be ready to expend effort and time if you want to consult a top-notch orthodontist. A number of Australian dentists have various specializations and as such may also offer orthodontic services. Clients may address their concerns to a invisalign specialist if they think they’d do better with clear braces. For those who are unaware, invisalign is something often used for adult patients and many cosmetic dentists currently offer it. Don’t choose a dentist who lacks sufficient experience and will be consequently unable to offer you the kind of treatment you’ve paid hard-earned money for.

If you are on the hunt for orthodontics, it is important to ask the office you choose how much experience the orthodontist has in the specific procedure you are looking for. It is good to enquire about the technology that is used by the professionals in the office. The latest technology can ensure improved results and better comfort for those wearing braces. And while you’re at it, consider asking for before-and-after photos from the clinic’s records.

The best provider for mouth braces is characterized by the skill and experience of their entire staff and not just the technicians or doctors you’ll primarily work with. Since a number of treatments or procedures could require you to pay regular visits, you would enjoy your time at the office more if you don’t have any problems interacting with anyone from the staff. And when we say staff, that pertains to all those employed by the office, such as the security guard or the student trainee assisting in your case. Whoever it is you end up interacting with, all of them have been effectively trained and are focused on providing customer satisfaction in all ways that matter.

Looking for the ideal provider for mouth braces or even the best orthodontist could be hard depending how busy you are. Consider, for instance, how inconvenient it could be if you’ve to visit their office regularly but their business hours don’t fit your schedule. Offices skilled in taking care of emergencies are offices you can truly rely on. That way, you’ll know what to expect if you’re unfortunate enough to be involved in an emergency of any kind. In relation to that, consider enquiring as well about the policies they have regarding patients requiring urgent attention.

For a nicer smile, be sure to look for an orthodontist who’s qualified to answer your needs. If you need braces, use these guidelines to help you find a doctor who will be well qualified and easy to work with. You will be glad you took the time to find a good orthodontist when the experience turns out to be pleasant and successful.

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A Carbon Footprint Calculator Defines Emissions

Posted By Daniel Stouffer on @ 8:15 am
by Daniel Stouffer

Faced with the knowledge that almost every facility gives out some type of greenhouse gas, a carbon footprint calculator has come into its’ own, to help organizations reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The calculator allows them to more easily recognize the problem, put in place measures to reduce emissions and then gauge their progress.

Within the past several years, there have been many efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Among them are the U.S. Clean Air Act and The Climate Registry, which is a nonprofit agency that sets uniform standards for calculating, verifying and reporting greenhouse gas emissions. Membership in The Climate Registry is voluntary, however most North American states, provinces, territories and native sovereign nations are participating.

The carbon footprint calculator is a valuable tool in which facilities can enter data about their daily operations in areas that contribute greatly to greenhouse gas emissions. Energy use, waste generation, purchased materials and transportation are among the main areas that play a major role in the emitting of harmful gases into the environment.

It is becoming increasingly critical for businesses to measure their carbon footprint. The current and future health of the planet depends on it. New research shows that certain gases are depleting the ozone layer and contributing to global warming. Because these gases remain in the atmosphere for hundreds of years, steps must be taken now to slow their damage. These measures include reducing carbon emissions.

By using a carbon footprint calculator, businesses will be able to measure how much of the environmentally harmful gases they use. These substances include carbon dioxide, hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and perfluorocarbons (PFCs). According to scientists, these gases contribute to the earths warming, which could lead to extreme heat waves, rising sea levels and severe harm to humans, animals, plant life and marine life, if no action is taken to stop the damaging effects.

Under EPA requirements, a business can now use a carbon footprint calculator to identify the extent of their gas emissions, creating a management plan, establish goals and report their findings. Companies that have multiple buildings or locations will find the calculator to be of particular benefit.

A carbon footprint calculator uses data to calculate emission amounts from all direct and indirect sources. Direct emissions are those from equipment or other sources owned or operated by a company, such as commercial refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) systems or heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Indirect emissions are used by a company during daily operations, but are supplied by another source, such as the use of electricity or heat.

The task of monitoring, tracking and reporting greenhouse gas emissions is a somewhat cumbersome and tedious one. Companies are required to input complex data into a carbon footprint calculator so many companies who use HVAC systems in stores, warehouses, offices or hospitals are turning to computerized refrigerant management programs to help them achieve the task.

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Maximum Productivity: 5 Strategies for Efficiency

Posted By Ann Rusnak on @ 8:14 am
by Ann Rusnak

How can 20% add to increased productivity and less work hours for your business? 20% can make momentous impact towards the success you want to achieve.

These 5 strategies will help you get there:

1. Getting Organized

It is crucial to long term success to create a productive environment that sustains you and your business. Disorganization squanders an average 7 hours of work per week, hinder all distraction and disturbance to streamline your atmosphere.

2. Create time synergy

Schedule work effectively around your peak energy times; be perceptive to your best creative time cycles.

3. Transform Into Hyper Focus

Turn off the phone, email, and twitter. Allow no interruptions. Set a timer and stay 100% focused on your task. Group your tasks in bunches. Return all emails and phone calls at the same time. Do all your writing in chunks, and dedicate certain days for special projects.

4. Put Yourself First for a Change

Self neglect can cause tension on any business through increased stress and strain. Keep personal health a priority as it is effective in good business management.

5. Take A Break

Great entrepreneurs have discovered the power of doing nothing. Your mind needs time to rest and process. When you feel overwhelmed, lean back and allow your thoughts wander for a few minutes. You’ll feel a renewal and be able to tackle your task with more alertness and energy.

Start with one of these strategies, you’ll soon find yourself accomplish much more with less effort

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St. Louis foreclosure stop: avail the benefits of the various steps

Posted By Mark Bradley on @ 8:14 am
by Mark Bradley

Facing a foreclosure and have no idea how to stop it? This is a persistent problem for homeowners living in St. Louis. In order to avoid this legal procedure you need to know all about the different methods that would ensure St. Louis foreclosure stop. If you own a house and are unable to repay the mortgage loan, you need to be aware of how to go about to avoid foreclosure. The professionals working in the field of foreclosure help can offer you ample guidance for St. Louis foreclosure stop.

In a foreclosure situation, homeowners need to act very fast to save their dream home. Right decisions should be taken at the right time in order to avoid further damage to your own credit. Due to the action of foreclosure many homeowners loose the possession of their home each year. In this respect, experts in St Louis have come forward with certain ways that will help homeowners to ensure St Louis foreclosure stop.

First of all make sure to ask the right questions when you are working with the legal process with your lawyers, realtors or lenders. Keep in mind that the legal practitioners are the people who will be able to provide you with the best solutions for St. Louis foreclosure stop. In order to provide you with some easy solutions, let us discuss some of the fastest and most convenient ways that will help you to deal with St. Louis foreclosure stop.

To start with, the Deed in lieu option of St. Louis foreclosure stop usually considered as one of the major solutions to this alarming problem. In this situation you have to sign the deed and as a return the lender will forgive the actual amount which you had to repay to the bank. To prepare the right deed you can seek the help of any qualified legal practitioner.

The second tip for St. Louis foreclosure stop is that you can consider informing the bank about your present financial situation and asking for a payment adjustment. For this you have to contact an attorney, or the company offering loan modification as they specialize in working with the legal institutions.

Another way for St. Louis foreclosure stop is to choose a second mortgage option. This gets you a refinance and supplies the cash necessary for adjusting the installments that you have missed and thus puts you in a better position.

Another step that you can consider is that of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy used for St. Louis foreclosure stop comes as a short-term solution but helps you to keep the possession of your home. In this case, the terms and conditions related to that of bankruptcy should be considered thoroughly.

As a last option you can also opt for selling your own property before it is taken away from you by the legal institution or the lender. There are many investors in the market who are there to meet any kind of immediate requirements for their clients and help in the process of St. Louis foreclosure stop. Moreover, the investors do not charge a commission which the realtors usually do.

All these measures can help you achieve St. Louis foreclosure stop with ease. These help in avoiding the consequences of such a distressing situation and losing your home because of foreclosure.

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Why Botox Isn’t Worth a Nickel!

Posted By Sean Saunders on @ 8:14 am
by Sean Saunders

The Best Anti Wrinkle Creams VS Botox

If only you knew everything there is to know about botox, you’d never even consider getting a botox injection again. Why not? Because aside from being potentially dangerous to your well-being, botox isn’t even that effective when it comes to removing wrinkles and revitalizing the skin. In truth, botox simply pales in comparison to the best wrinkle creams on the market; and it does so in every conceivable way.

2 Reasons Why Botox Is Just God-Awful When Compared With the Best Wrinkle Creams…

1. Not Permanent, Costly.

As you probably know, botox injections aren’t permanent. However, what you might not know is that these injections routinely last about 3-6 months. This means that every few months you’re going to have to drop $700-$900 on another botox injection in order to maintain “somewhat” youthful looking skin.

Lets be conservative and say you only get 2 injections per year at a cost of $800. Thats $1600 a year! Want to have young looking skin for years & years to come? Then the cost could add up to a whopping $16,000 (10 years) just to have slightly younger looking skin. Honestly, does that sound like a solid plan to you?

Compare that insane cost to the cost of using the best wrinkle creams — which will only be about $60-$150 every few months — and you can easily see the ENORMOUS amount of money that will be saved.

2. Highly Ineffective and Borderline Ridiculous

No smiling, laughing, giggling, or strenuous facial movements — those are the general guidelines after getting a botox injection. Why not do these things? Because doing these facial movements can actually cause more wrinkles to form in areas adjacent to the injection sites. Combine that with the fact that you’ll need this treatment every few months and you’ll soon discover that you’re gradually turning into an expressionless zombie.

Aside from the strict amount of facial activity you’ll be limited to, there is also the numerous studies that show prolonged usage of botox means a higher risk of skin and nerve damage. This means that the more you opt for those botox injections, the more likely you are to suffer from more wrinkles and skin problems in the future.

The Best Anti Wrinkle Creams VS Botox

Why the Best Wrinkle Creams are NOT Ineffective and NOT Borderline Ridiculous.

An anti wrinkle cream can be applied to the skin quickly and without hassle, it won’t cause more wrinkles to form on the skin, and you don’t have to avoid facial movements when using it (smiling, laughing, talking, etc). In short, you just apply the cream to your skin and move on with your life.

Most anti wrinkle creams are made with all natural ingredients proven to treat the signs of aging. Unlike botox injections, the best wrinkle creams are NOT made from a bacterial neurotoxin called botulinum; one of the worlds most deadly poisons.

Who would’ve thought? There actually is a way to repair wrinkles, finelines, crows feet, and all the other signs of aging WITHOUT injecting yourself with a deadly poison. If only more people knew!

Do yourself a BIG favor and compare all the restrictions and negative possibilities of using botox to those of using the best wrinkle creams. Now can you see why botox is quickly becoming a thing of the past?

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Patio Cushions – Types and Fillings for Practical Considerations

Posted By Sheri Terry on @ 8:14 am
by Sheri Terry

Different types of patio cushions used in households are chair pads, floor cushions, and pet beds. These cushions provide comfort and support for users and furniture accents as well.

Chair pads were originally intended to make hard seats more comfortable and softer to sit on. However, changing consumer needs had evolved from comfort to satisfying style and even medical issues. Various designs like floral and plaids proliferates the market to suit varying themes being imposed by each household. It also comes in sizes to fit different patio chairs ranging from singles to family couch. Furthermore, chair pads can be specially constructed to help users with previous medical problems like injuries and back problems.

Some homeowners combine patio cushions and furniture into one. This is known as floor cushion and is ideal for those who avoid expensive and bulky patio furniture. Floor cushions are smaller and easier to rearrange because of its lightweight and not to mention its cheaper price compared with typical furniture. Such cushion implies fresh idea through its striking color and provides comfortable seat for families and guests through its firm construction.

For cats and dogs, pet beds as their cushioning. Through its carefully researched material and construction, pet beds provide the same level of comfort for household pets as that with human cushion.

In addition to cushion type, another important consideration for patio cushions is its filling. Different outcomes and levels of comfort can be achieved through varying types of fillings.

Conventional foams are common fillings used in couches, mattresses, and other household cushioning application. It is also used in covered patios, window seats, and in boats. It comes in rounded edge and custom shapes aside from its typical rectangular blocks and T-shape designs.

One filling alternative for conventional foam is the outdoor foam. While conventional foams are used in covered patios, the latter is very much applicable for uncovered patios and other outdoor applications. It has bigger foam cells causing water to penetrate to the other side of the foam with little effect on its performance.

Other sophisticated fillings like memory foams and polyurethane is also applicable to patio cushions. These materials have better support and can follow the shape of the body. Some cushions with these fillings are foam sacks, bolsters, and leg pads. Foam sacks are bean bag-like cushions with polyurethane as its filling. Bolsters are tube-like cushions often used as fillers and is very good in supporting the legs and back of the user. Leg pads on the other hand, are used in minimizing pain and stress in the lower body.

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Can You Tell Me What Are the Different Types of Bruising?

Posted By Carolyn Cooper on @ 8:09 am
by Carolyn Cooper

When you’re trying to determine the severity of bruises, whether you have them or they are on someone that you love, it is necessary to remember that there are specific, different kinds of bruises out there. If you educate yourself a little more about the different types of bruises that there are, you are going to become much more knowledgeable of what treatments are available and how best to use them. Make yourself aware of how much you really know about bruises and the best ways to treat them. If you learn how to determine how mild or severe a bruise is, you are going to have a significantly better thought process of how to best treat it.

First, take into consideration where the damage is located specifically. A subcutaneous bruise is found just beneath your skin and will usually be relatively mild. Another variety of bruise, an intramuscular bruise takes place within the belt of the muscle beneath and is considered to be a more serious injury. A periosteal bruise is another name for a bone bruise, which can be a source of significant pain.

When giving a rating to bruises, professionals in the medical profession can use the following index to outline the severity:

0- a light bruise having no damage at all 1- a less than moderate bruise with a slight amount of damage done 2- a moderate bruise with some damage 3- a serious bruise with some possibility of permanent or impermanent damage 4- an extremely serious bruise with the possibility of permanent or impermanent harm 5- a critical bruise carrying a risk of death

With a light bruise, you may feel a bit of pain, whether it happens right away or is delayed. An inflammation may occur due to the fact that histamines have been released. Even after the capillaries have been repaired, blood can seep out and make the bruise look darker, and it generally takes about two weeks for a light bruise to heal, while a darker bruise may take longer. Bruises that are mild will tend to need minimal amounts of treatment, though depending on where the bruise is, you may need to do some stretching exercises as it heals so that the muscles underneath don’t become stiff and stubborn.

With bruises that are considered moderate or severe, however, you can find that you are going to be dealing with somewhat serious complications. Further bleeding may occur, and it is possible that swelling can cut off the flow of blood to the tissues. The blunt trauma that goes into creating bruises of this severity can result in injury to the internal organs or bones, and if the strike is severe enough, concussion, coma and even death can be the result. At this point, emergency treatment becomes necessary.

Luckily enough, most of us will only have to deal with light bruises in our everyday lives. Spend the time to make certain that your bruises, regardless of their severity, get treated appropriately.

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Additionality Gauges Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Posted By Daniel Stouffer on @ 8:07 am
by Daniel Stouffer

A new phrase has emerged to describe the effectiveness of changes imposed on facilities which emit greenhouse gas due to their use of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems or heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Additionality refers to the formula which compares emissions prior to implementation with levels realized after a greenhouse gas reduction project has been implemented.

Before a greenhouse gas reduction project is implemented, a monitoring and verification (M&V) plan must be developed to quantify and verify results. The additionality metrics included in the plan should explain when, how and who will be conducting the monitoring and verification process. Generally, software developed by specialists in the area is used to streamline the M&V process.

Prior to a greenhouse gas reduction project, facilities that use refrigerant undertake a project specific assessment, determining additionality. Current greenhouse gas emission levels are assessed, and once the project is underway, emission levels are then compared to the baseline. In this way, actual reduction in greenhouse gas emissions can be calculated.

A performance standard assessment is used to determine additionality. Such an assessment is assessed for specific industries, like heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system or refrigeration and air conditioning system manufacturers. Measures show performance improvements as compared to existing standards for particular processes or appliances, in so far as they relate to the reduction of greenhouse gas.

Additionality plays an important role in determining the effectiveness of any reduction project. Global climate change is severely impacted by greenhouse gas emissions. Numerous industries are affected by greenhouse gas offsets projects in all sectors, just a few examples including renewable energy efforts, reforestation and methane capture and recovery in landfills.

For businesses, it is important from an accounting standpoint to show the benefits of a greenhouse gas reduction program. In order for it to be a true emissions reduction, additionality criteria must be met. Ongoing monitoring and verification are key components to ensure actual reductions are real and have long-term sustainability. For facilities developing methods to reduce their use of refrigerant gas, automation of monitoring and tracking exists through software and web based applications developed by software providers who specialize in this area.

Part of any additionality equation is an examination of how permanent the project will be and a determination of any risk factors involved. The issue of leakage should be addressed and properly accounted for through monitoring and verification.

Within the United States and overseas, the debate continues regarding funding. Whether or not funds should be made available to companies to enact programs aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions is under question. As a benchmarking system for certain industries is under development, the determination of funding would require feedback through additionality to show that the project went beyond regular business activities. As an example, funding would not be made available if the project would have occurred anyway due to conventional business improvement.

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