Recycled Jewelry at the American Craft Show

Posted on May 28, 2009 @ 8:19 am
by Rick Amorey

You will be delighted to know, if you are living in the Atlanta, GA area, about the American Craft Show that is a yearly event that happens around March. It is held usually at the Cobb Galleria Centre, and it’s here you’ll be able to find all sorts of artworks that will delight you and your friends. You might even be able to pick up very nice pieces of jewelry for your wife here.

I try to go to these craft shows whenever I can, as I am an advocate of such events. This year, you will be able to see crafted items that make use of recycled materials. While I am more inclined towards the traditional crafts myself, I still feel that these are worth looking at.

Let’s take the example of jewelry that I made earlier. To me, jewelry is only wearable when made from some sort of “jewelry” caliber material. I don’t plan on giving my wife some materials made from twigs and discarded building materials. It may work on sculptures, perhaps; but to me, there’s a difference between art and street wear.

I will note, however, that there is one exception to my metal and gemstone rule. The trinkets found at Alexandra Bitner’s lucite jewelry are just fantastic and very wearable. It is very hard to design something fashionable out of what many would consider to be trash, but Bitner manages to do that quite well.

If you want to do your part for the environment, or if the concept of wearing recycled items as jewelry appeals to you, then you can go to the American Craft Show that is held annually. To be fair, it’s not just jewelry; there are other works of art made from such materials. To each his own, but it’s really not my thing. If you’ve missed the American Craft Show, no need to fret; there are dozens of other crafts show you can attend all year round.

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