Health Care Insurance — Extra Ways To Bigger Discounts

Posted on May 28, 2009 @ 8:20 am
by Chimezirim Odimba

There are suggestions you must take note of and apply if you’re truly keen on getting huge discounts. Following are some of such things…

1. A Flexible Spending Account is helpful as you search for opportunities to reduce your spend. This type of account is meant for you to save tax-free dollars specifically for your health needs. Any amount not used could be rolled over into the next year (still tax free). This gives you a tax free way of building large reserves of funds to cater for your future health needs.

2. Your drug cost may sometimes be cheaper than your co-pay. There are instances where it will cost you less if you do not use your insurance but buy a prescription from your own account. Know which is best in each situation and do what saves you more.

3. Healthy living will attract lower rates. For example, your rate will be reduced with time if you stop taking junk food. You will do well to stick to the right diet for you if you love a healthy life and more affordable rates.

Apart from your diet, your devotion to regular exercise will help you live better and also eventually get you lower rates.

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4. In most cases these routine medical check ups won’t cost you anything extra since your health insurance plan wouuld likely have up to two free medical check ups for you each year.

Why do check-ups bring about savings?

Treating a disease at its early stage is a lot cheaper than doing so when it’s already full-blown. It costs your insurer less to do this than to treat ailments when they’ll cost a lot more.

5. Quit drinking if you want affordable rates. Drinking adds to your health risk.

Most health conditions can be traced to drinking.

What quantity of alcohol can you take without any side effect? I can’t advise you on that since I’m not an expert on such issues.

But here is what I am sure of: Staying away from alcohol totally will do you a world of good. For those who can’t stay away completely, try to drink responsibly.

The only problem is that people who say they can’t quit drinking most often can’t drink in moderation. Ask for help if you want to give up alcohol. There are organizations that help alcoholics stop drinking.

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