Five Things You Need To Know To Become A Successful Massage Therapist

Posted on May 28, 2009 @ 8:19 am
by Lena Hellsten

Being a massage therapist is one of the greatest professions we can have. It really feels good to be able to give the experience of comfort, relaxation and healing to other people. If you want to become a successful massage therapist it is important to set up your business in a way that ensures that people will both find you and be willing to come back to you over and over again.

-Creating an environment of peace and harmony. It is essential to put in some extra energy into this part since it is what meets your clients before they start receiving the massage and will ensure that they already feels positive, relaxed and receptive when you begin. Have some candles lit if its appropriate, dim the lights and use mild and calming colors in the room. Maybe have some fresh flowers(that are non-allergenic in case your client is sensitive) in a bowl of water. Use your creativity.

-The way you greet your client is also very important. Give them a warm and welcoming impression without giving them the sense that youre trying to get too close. Just exchange a few words of small talk followed by some questions about their body and their health. This usually makes the person feel relaxed and comfortable.

-To be relaxed yourself – Take time to really bring yourself into the state in which you want your client to be and you will find that your client can go deep into relaxation much easier. If youre stressed and worried your client will sense this, normally at an unconscious level and might not be able to benefit as much from the massage. Take some time to center yourself, focus on your breath and relax before your begin the massage.

-Using marketing that works. If you want to be sure that your clients find their way to you, it is so important to use the right type of marketing. By spending some time to learn this youre business can become so much more profitable and successful. You want to use the funds for marketing in a way that generates as much clients as possible for each dollar spent and not waste it on campaigns that dont generate.

-The last thing I will mention here is perhaps the most important part to being a successful massage therapist and this is to trust yourself and your ability to provide your client with something that they will benefit from. Know that you have something valuable to give and this will be reflected back to you in all the positive responses you get from the clients you serve.

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