Crock Pot Roast Tips

Posted on May 28, 2009 @ 8:17 am
by Jackie Lee

It doesn’t matter if you are getting ready to cook a pork, beef or even venison roast. There are some basic tricks that will make the end result absolutely delicious. Roast is a great crock pot meal because not only is it delicious the first time around it can be repurposed in so many different ways, so the leftovers never go to waste.

Vegetables that go with roast are usually the ones we always have around the house. Potatoes, carrots, onions, and even green beans. When you put them in the crock pot you just want to make sure you cut them in similar sized pieces. This helps them all cook at the same speed. Put some of your potatoes on the bottom of the crock pot. Then just spread your carrots around the edges. I prefer to keep my onions on top of the roast so they don’t turn to mush. Green beans add nice color, but they are best added 30 minutes before the end of the cooking time.

You can season your roast with a variety of things. You can use a packet of onion soup mix. You can use cream of mushroom soup. You can also go ethnic choosing spices that correspond to maybe Italian or even Spanish flavors.

When you add spices you can just add in dry spices at the beginning. They will be fine to flavor throughout the cooking time. If you are using fresh herbs it’s better to wait until the last hour of cooking to add them. They will quickly infuse the roast with flavor.

What is your cooking time going to be? It depends on a few factors. Your personal crock pot and its cooking temperature. The size of your roast. Whether it is frozen or thawed. No matter what any of these variables are you can bet on at least 6 hours to cook your roast. It may take as much as 9 if it is a large frozen roast. The more you cook roasts in your crock pot the better you will know how long it’s going to need to cook.

The fact it takes a long time to cook makes it perfect for a weekday. Yes, I said a weekday. You can easily start your roast in the morning before you leave for work and it will be ready and waiting for you when you get home. You can even get it all set up in the crock the night before. Put your ingredients in the crock, cover with plastic wrap and then pop it in the refrigerator. Then all you have to do is set the heat setting and drop the crock in the crock pot. Starting with a frozen roast is especially good if you are going to be gone all day long. This decreases the chances of over cooking your roast.

As you can see, crock pot roast can be made in many different ways to fit the taste and needs of your family. You may have thought there was no way to pull off cooking a roast in the middle of the week, but when you pull out your crock pot it’s a snap.

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