Hotels Aren’t the Only Place to Stay on Your Holiday

Posted on April 30, 2009 @ 3:01 am
by Matthew Kepnes

Accommodation is one of the greatest day to day expenses travelers have and everyone is always trying to find cheap accommodation. No matter what your preferences may be, you want to find a cheap place to rest your head on your holiday. Most people stay in hotels while they are on vacation but this isn’t always the cheapest option. There are many other cheaper options for people on vacations.

A good option to staying in hotels are hostels. Hostels are like cheaper hotels. They have dorm or single rooms, communal bathrooms and showers, common rooms, and kitchens to cook in. They typically cater to younger travelers. You dont get as many amenities as you get in hotels or the luxury either but if you are traveling on a budget or just hope to meet other travelers, staying at hostels should be at the top of your list while you travel.

If you are looking to pay nothing, consider Couchsurfing. Couchsurfing connects travelers with people around the world who let them stay for free in their home. Sometimes you get a nice bed, sometimes a couch, sometimes you just get space on the floor. You make a local friend and learn the insiders view on all sites and activities. People are scared to couchsurf because they dont think it is safe. But you dont need to worry. The people use this service are usually very open minded people and nice people. Just use common sense. Moreover, this site and sites like it are aware of this and take steps to provide security for their users. They provide various levels of verification and allow users to rate and leave comments on travelers profiles so you know if someone is a psycho or worth staying with.

Home exchange is another good option for travelers. Home exchange has been around for decades but is increasing in popularity as hotel prices go up and people look for other places to stay. Home exchanges are like they sound- you exchange homes with another family from somewhere else.

Another option for people apartment rentals. Many cities have furnished apartments for people and travelers. These are usually rented out by the week or month. If you are staying in a city for a long time, they can be a great option. You’ll get amenities like a kitchen and laundry that you can’t get in hotels. They are great for families or people who want a little comfort of home.

Staying at a hotel can be a wonderful accommodation chose for a little pampering and relaxation but hotels are often impersonal ways to connect with other people and get to know a city beyond its major attractions. These alternatives to hotels will give you with a more intimate way to see a city, meet the locals, and meet other travelers. It also mixes up your accommodation and many times that can give you a whole new perspective on a destination. Consider staying somewhere other than a hotel the next time you travel.

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